Friday, August 1, 2008

Hari's Samosas

Samosa...a popular accompaniment to tea or coffee break in India.
The filling can be of vegetables or meat, but the potato-filling
is a hot favourite. These photos are of the ones made by Hari, our
former jack of all trades but now master of one. He's a mason in
his village but once a year, he comes and stays with us for a week
or so. And the good soul that he is, goes about fixing things around
the house--a leaky tap here, a rusty lock, a fuse and a big help in
my little garden. When he was here, every morning after breakfast,
the gardening tools were taken out and most of my potted plants were
pampered with all the cleaning/weeding/trimming. Out of old wood,
he also made several planters for me to start a herb garden.

Cooking is also Hari's forte. We were treated to different kinds of
parathas (Indian bread) for breakfast but these are what he made one
rainy afternoon. Just the right monsoon snack with tea. Needless to
say my sons polished off the samosas in record Guinness time!!!


Anonymous said...

They look yummm-no wonder Raja and Nishant polished them off.

Ali said...

Hello Kanak, I have just been reading your blog with interest. I love your garden and those samosas look fantastic - my mouth is watering.
I love India too! I have been twice - both times for a month and both times starting in New Delhi, travelling either east (Ganges) or west (Agra) visiting many places along the way.
I look forward to reading your blog again soon.
Ali (UK)

Mother Nature said...

Hari is a treasure.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Donna/ Ali/ Indrani,
So glad to read your comments. Yes, Hari's a do all these without being told and not treat them as a chore that he has to somehow complete! His every visit is so productive. Bless him!