Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Here's the mighty predator of tiny little ants crawling
back and forth, single file, on my guava tree!

The little puddles that are created by the rains are
replenished by more rain, and life in their myriad forms
soon appear. Tadpoles and crabs, water-beetles and even
tiny fish that somehow manage to stray into the network
of water-bodies are seen. Yesterday I saw a kingfisher on
a neighbour's mango tree,no doubt lured by the abundance
of food in our low-lying locality. I had noticed snails
in previos years but never as many as this year. I picked
these to photograph them and put them back into the water
as soon as I was done with them! The one on a small bowl is
next to an empty shell of a garden snail.


Ali said...

Hello Kanak, Thank you for your comment re: my green fingers! I saw the BBC news the other day about the collapse/crowd problem at the temple in Northern India. I hope your family was not effected by this. Such a shame.
I miss India. Everytime I read your post I am reminded of your lovely country. What I also miss is having Masala Dosai for breakfast - it is my favourite!!

Kanak Hagjer said...

My family was not affected but my heart goes out to the injured and the kin of the dead. How horrible, that too on a pilgrimage.
Otherwise it's good to know about your love for India. There's chaos, colour, dirt and beauty all rolled into one. So you love Indian food too! I hope you'll be visiting again in the near future!