Friday, August 29, 2008


Home, for these little snails is the hardy trunk(?) of my
cycad. I wouldn't have known if I weren't on a cleaning
spree, removing the hard and spiky dead leaves from the
plant. To use the words--cutting off--sounds as if it
needs no effort on my part! Hacking is more the word;
dead or alive this is one sturdy plant!

A little of what too much rain can do--can be seen here.
This pretty yellow butterfly doesn't seem to mind at all!

It's quality nectar-time for this tiny bee on the basil.
I've noticed that really small bees come here and they get
very, very busy!

Please click on the photos for a better view.

I thought I'd never see a green dragonfly but a close
inspection shows a green tinge. Not as green as the ones
I see on other blogs though!

This teeny-weeny butterfly is a dull gray when it spreads out
its wings. But as it sucked from the pretty flowers of Mexican
Heather, its wings going a little flippety-flap, I noticed the
off-white speckled with gray.
All these pictures( except the snails on the cycad)
were taken yesterday, in the afternoon--just after
the rain and the threat of a storm had subsided.
Within the span of 20 minutes or so I got these shots.
These lovely creatures fly/flap/flit about making it a
pleasure for me to move about--in my yard!


Titania said...

This monster of a cycad provided a good, cool hiding spot for the snails. The bees and butterflies are so miniature but they still provide so much interest, observing with the camera. I think it is as much fun as planting! (much more fun than weeding!)

Kanak Hagjer said...

That's right, Trudi. I've become so obssessed that every time I see wings in any form I run for the camera. The other day my son saw a moth on the wall, called out to me and said,'You might like to take a photo of this insect'. Was I happy?! Now I know I won't be missing any chance of an insect photo-op!!

tina said...

Rain is good and certainly seemed to bring out the wildlife at your place.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful wildlife pics Kanak. Doesn't the rain make everything so lush & healthy again. The insects are attracted to that fresh scent of rain I think.

Carla said...

I recognize so many of your plants! Your basil is very neat-I love going out after a storm and soaking it all up-like your bees and butterflies!

walk2write said...

It seems like this time of year, the outdoors are just teeming with insects. Some of them are just delightful like the butterflies and moths, but there are some that get no respect from me like the horseflies. On our walk yesterday evening, they kept trying to attack us. An entymologist I spoke to recently said the females are desperate to feast on blood (their source of protein) because this is the time of year they lay their eggs. Sorry, ladies, you're not getting any of mine!