Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random Shots!

First thing in the morning and the resident back-yard frog
is all set to greet me! Blurry picture, like most of my shots!!

Did I imagine or did I actually feel, that my plants which
weren't featured in my blog, look accusingly at me?! Here's
some of the shots I'd taken earlier...a few of the not-so-
green variety!

I do love this! Not only is this easy to grow but the deep
colour on its underside makes it very attractive!

The tender leaves of this begonia look striking as they
make their first appearance!

Simply red!

Monstera--laughing in the rain. Ah! Verdure!

Latest addition--tender leaf of the monstera unfurls...


Carla said...

Your plants are so lush! They look like they are singing in the rain! Now I know where my toad went-he went to your house! Enjoy him! I love toads and frogs!

spookydragonfly said...

What type of pink-ish, mauve-ish(well, you get it)plant is the second photo? - it is so pretty! Your plants seem to be doing well, Kanak.

Titania said...

The Toad seems to like your garden she, he or it, looks very content!
Nice post with all the different leaf forms and colours. Love it.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Carla, thanks. Just let me know when I should send Mr. Frog back to your lovely yard!! Yes, the rain has worked its potent charm on some of my plants!

Kim, the second and third plants belong to the Cordyline family. These love heat and humidity and is a regular garden fixture/feature in India.

Trudi, thank you so much!