Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Gratitude for Grapes

My recent post mentioned the climate here as not being
suitable for grapes. But the ones in the picture came
from my mother's garden. She lives in a hill-town
(that's where I grew up) more than 300kms away. It's
cooler there so the elements are kinder to some plants
that need a milder climate.
To anyone from a grape-growing country, this would be
nothing to rave about but back in the 60s hardly anyone
had a vine in their back-yards. I can only think of one
person, Mr. Bazely, from whom my mother got the sapling.
And this is in a country not known for grapes! Of course,
in recent years, the state of Maharashtra has carved a niche
for itself with its extensive vineyards and production of
wine but back then, the fruit-vendors sold grapes from what
I can remember was, Kashmir. And it wasn't like having a
back-yard staple of mango, guava, Indian blackberry and
some banana trees thrown in for good measure! We loved
the clusters-green at first and then deep purple! And
fragrant too!
Every time I have these, memories of childhood come in bits
and parts. Someone did say that we are made of memories...
And I'm glad that when I look back I hear the sound of
laughter reverberating through the thread of time...and in
the aroma of a grape I find happiness!


Titania said...

Thank you Kanak for your comment on my SWF.) Good childhood memories are part of our life. I try to give lots to my grand children. The grapes look yummy. We grow the Isabella, which is the only one growing without needing to be sprayed. Some years we have a bumper crop, last year was not good and the year before the grapes didn't ripen. But when they do they are absolutely delicious. Like yours!

walk2write said...

Your grapes look scrumptious! Around here (in Illinois), I guess the climate as well as the soil are optimal for growing grapes. There are vineyards all over the region. If we settle here, I will have to try my hand at growing some vines.

Ali said...

The grapes look lovely! - Although India may not be renouned for growing grapes, I have had Indian White Wine before!!!
My husband grew a vine a few years ago. Unfortunately we had to move home before the vine had a chance to show us what it could do.

Kanak Hagjer said...

That sounds wonderful! Good luck with the vines--if you settle down in Illinois.