Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today's Sight(w)ings!

With so many beautiful winged creatures flitting about my yard
it's hard not to become obssessed! It isn't that I sit and wait
for a photo-op but when I go hang the washing, there's a bee
scouting around for a brand new home! I go to water the plants
or do some weeding and they're there in rust and red and black
and blue with bits of yellow in between. They, more than make
up for the lack of pretty blooms at the moment. The spectacular
mottled beauty came a-calling today and I'm so glad to be able to
share these shots. Enjoy!


Ali said...

Fantastic photos Kanak. What lovely colours too! you are so lucky to have such exotic insects flying around - I dream or returning to India one day soon.

Titania said...

Beautiful shots of this lovely, exotic dragonfly. It is an acrobat, a dancer on the high wire! Your patience has been paid off.

Eve said...

I've never seen an insect like that. He is really pretty. Nice photos.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you--Ali, Trudi and Eve. Maybe these beautiful insects have always been flying around but documenting the 'events' in my plot has made me become so much aware of lives other than that of my plants. And everyday, there's something to photograph and look forward to...I feel blessed!
So glad to read your comments, thank you once again!

Nancy said...

Oh, I do so love a red dragonfly. Your site always has such beautifully done photos.

tumbleweed said...

red dragonflies...magic. ours here are blues and greens with transparent gelatine wings...

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you for's a fiesta of dragonflies this year...will be posting more, later. Hope you'll drop by to check them out!