Thursday, August 14, 2008

Variegated Varieties!

A garden may be resplendent in green but only green can
be monotonous. Flowers in different colours are no doubt
the best garden feature but if for certain reasons
one can't be so lucky, like me, variegated foliage is an
attractive option. Constraints of space on the ground
and the quality of the soil are my main reasons. Apart
from a few summer varieties, I can only think of two--zinnia
and cosmos- flowers can be grown only in winter.
I believe the garden reflects the personality of the owner,
and in my case, it's more of a scatter-brained, Calamity
Jane (literally!) kind of area. All the palm trees in the
photo are in containers. Now I have to rack my brains about
placing the pots so that they aren't in anybody's destructive
(highly likely) path!!

The green, striped grass of home looks good placed with something
greener or with alocasia.

An assortment of variegated foliage adorns my coffee table.

View from the back--it's like looking at things from a
different perspective!

Recently planted coleus--will need some time to perk up!

This dead beetle was amidst my plants. My camera does not do
any justice to its vibrant beauty!

A little back-yard arrangement. The blue pot is a recent

Last, but not the least, are my hybrid bougainvilleas.
Hopefully, with time the blooms will be prolific!


Titania said...

Kanak, all your leafy plants look good. It makes for a real tropical look. Like you say, it is better to plant what flourishes in the garden than trying to grow plants which don't do well. The new blue pot looks cute and suits its spot near this lush green, grass like plant. It makes it interesting in the garden when the eyes are drawn to something special. The pink and white bougainvillea will be spectacular in time. I love the leafy arrangement on your coffeetable.) Thank you for your kind comment on my SWF.
Thank you also for your kind comment on my SWF.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thanks Trudi, I'm trying to make my posts more systematic now focusing on a theme rather than taking random shots and posting straightaway. This is a result of visiting your beautiful blog makes sense that way and will be easier for my own future references. Loved your comment about my foliage arrangements! Have a lovely weekend!

Titania said...

Hi Kanak, could you go over to my blog when you find some time. Something is waiting for you. Thanks T.

Book Bird Dog said...

I love all the shades of green in your garden!

Kanak Hagjer said...

thank you for stopping by!

Muddy Mary said...

Hello Kanak, returning your virtual visit, from Texas. It is interesting to see so many familiar plants growing in your garden. I think you would be right at home in a Houston garden! Personally, I am more enthusiastic about interesting textures, forms and flavors in the garden than colorful blooms, so your green-on-green garden looks wonderful to me.

marmee said...

love your greenry! reminds me of my sister's (meems at hoe and shovel) i saw her listed on the blogs you read. your hybrid bougainvilleas look very cool. i also like your poem reference on fading away--gracefully!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi muddy mary!
Thank you so much! I visit quite a few southern US blogs so now I'm no longer surprised. Initially I'd gone on and on about the flame tree and tube roses in Texas or mangoes and bamboo in Florida!! It's so very interesting to find out/learn about gardeners from all over...Will drop by again.Have a lovely gardening week!

Marmee, hi! Meem's sister! Welcome to my blog! When I first came across your name (in the comment section of someone's blog) I thought that was unusual for an American. My sis-in-law is also called Marmie--she spells it that way--and in my mother tongue it's the name of a flower.
Just visited your blog and it's beautiful! Will definitely be there again and again. Thank you for the visit and the kind comment. Have a lovely week!