Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Like the Wings of an Angel!

There's no picture for this post. And it's all to do
with a piece of butterfly wing that I found under the
coconut tree. I was busy cutting off the diseased
branches of my yellow hibiscus, and burning them when
I noticed a wispy, beautiful something on the leaf of
a potted plant under the tree. I went over and saw a
fragmented wing--white with black and orange. The owner
must have been striking, flying around in these colours.
Of course I brought it in the house, placed it on the
kitchen table and clicked. No go, a blur showed up. Then
I took it outside, placed it on a leaf, another blur. After
several tries on different points I decided it was enough!
It was like photographing an angel. Or the thought of how
it'd be if you were to take the picture of an angel!You
simply feel the goodness floating around you but you can't
quite place it except that a certain lovely something is
around you...
I've kept the pretty piece of wing in my diary. A shred,
a piece--it's like a snippet of an animated conversation
that you overhear, but it was just a snippet, for you it
ended there! And it's good to imagine. Like how that
conversation could've turned! A black stripe here, an orange
splotch there, a little more white, here? In my mind, I'll try
to re-create the patterns on that piece to a whole butterfly,
alive and well, flitting by my yard!


Titania said...

Kanak after reading your beautiful post, I can see this, lovely, fragile wing softly waiting for someone like you to pick it up and cherish it. Your writing is so subtle and it touches heart and soul.

Arija said...

Glad you recognized it for what it was: a gift from the angels. they often do that to reawaken our spirit or boost our child within who glories in the hairs of a caterpillar or trail of a snail. Once coming in from overworking in the garden I found a white angel feather on my door-mat so obviously a gift from above.
Thanks for your comment on my cobwebs.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you so much! Your kind comments have always encouraged me to let my thoughts simply flow!

So glad you dropped by. That's a lovely thought--reawakening our spirit--we all need that from time to time. Thanks.

Ali said...

Wow, so beautifully written. I would like to share this with you. My brother died in 1981 - it was a long time before I could think about him "normally" as his death was a very painful time for me. Anyway, when I could accept and deal with my feelings a butterfly came to me, not just one one occassion, but on many occassions in my garden. Sometimes he/she just sat on the brick work next to where I was standing and sometimes he/she landed on my hand. I am convinced that this was my brother's angel who came to me to say that all was OK!