Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Few August Blooms

The Rangoon Creeper---I think mine is a late bloomer this year,
I noticed the blooms about a week ago. I love how the flowers
droop so daintily.
This plant is native to south-east Asia and west tropical Africa.
Its botanical name is 'Quisqualis indica' and was named so by a
Dutch botanist called Rumphius. The fruit and leaves are known to
have medicinal properties but I haven't googled that as yet!

Got this begonia from a nursery closest to my house. The
driftwood and rocks were picked up on my last trip to
the river called Jia-Bharali...a haven for nature lovers!

This fast growing climber is the trumpet flower. I noticed the
first blooms in June but they're slowing down now. There's a
narrow road next to the wall and an empty marshy plot of land.

This golden trumpet is not mine but from the neighbour's side
it crosses over my wall. I love it! Just look at that yellow!

Dappled sunlight in the afternoon--another view of my trumpet creeper.
The aerial roots attach to surfaces and the flowers bloom in clusters!

I've posted pictures of these white blooms before. They appeared
on their own looking really wild with long leathery leaves. But I
think the blooms are pretty and every time I go near them, there's
always a small bee popping out of the blooms. Not bad at all!

This plant grows and blooms prolifically. It's a common sight in
Guwahati gardens. The leaves resemble the lantana to some extent.
I don't know what it's called. It doesn't need much care and
blooms throughout summer, well into late October. Then the leaves
die out during winter. And when the first rains come, may be as
early as March, the leaves sprout and the cycle starts again...


tina said...

That orange flower even has a bloom like lantana. Wonder if it is lantana. Very nice blooms from your part of the world; which I must say are a bit unfamiliar to me:)

Anonymous said...

Your blooms are very exotic & lovely. The only one I truly recognized that we grow is the Trumpet Flower. I've always seen it in orangish-red, but your neighbor's yellow variety is pretty too.

Carla said...

Pretty pretties! We are too cold here for the rangoon creeper, I do like them though. The white flower thing is too cool. And that lantana looking thing-cool! The other we have and love!

marmee said...

it is so interesting to see what is blooming in your part of the world. the white blossom looks lovely. and the last picture really does look like lantana. how neat.

Lucy Corrander said...

It's always a bonus when next door's plants supplement our own.


Kanak Hagjer said...

So good to see all of you here...thank you so much!
The only difference I find between the lantana look-alike and lantana is the seeds. This plant does not have any!

I'm glad my neighbours have pretty plants growing across the wall...ther's a frangipani on the east side. May be i'll include that in my future post...!

Happy gardening!!