Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finally, A Butterfly Has Landed!

My garden has never been one of prolific blooms but this Ixora
is still going on--adding a splash of colour to a plot ravaged
by rain! Most of the time I go ga-ga over rain but months of
sodden earth has its ugly side too! Handling garden soil is out
of question so my activities have been limited to my potted
plants. Oh, but why am I cribbing about rain now? This post
is actually about a butterfly that landed on the Ixora.

I've written about and posted photos of butterflies before but I'd
always wanted to photograph the most spectacular ones resting/
sucking nectar from the blooms. Those still flit about, and I still
don't stand a chance. Ah well, I'll have to settle for second best!

One would assume that getting an opportunity like this one should
come up with the best shots. Story of my life!! The afternoon sun
was against my face and if I had taken it from the other angle,
either the boundary wall or the barbed wire would've blocked my view.
I couldn't even get close enough what with the rain-created puddles
turning to little ponds complete with miniature forms of aquatic life!
Butterflies are extra sensitive to sudden movements and there were a few!
Can you spot the one and only--that's what it'll be, for the time being.
And if this is a start, won't I be able to shoot them in colours to
die for?! Soon? I hope so....


Anonymous said...

Great Monarch shot Kanak! When you click on the picture and it enlarges the butterfly is clear, forcused & gorgeous! Just zoom in the picture after you take the shot. That's what I do. :) I love that Ixora, what a vibrant shade of orange-red. No wonder the Monarchs are visiting your garden.

tina said...

I see the monarch too! Had to look twice.

GreenJeans said...

I see the Monarch! Be patient and you'll get lots of photos. And then you just might become obsessed. I speak from experience. :)

Your ixora is beautiful!!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thanks for the tip! Still trying to figure out some of the features.This is the first time I've actually seen a Monarch on the ixora.

It's almost like--can- you- spot- the- butterfly- shot! The next time the Monarch comes visiting it'll get better!!

thanks for visiting...and your comment.

Roses and stuff said...

I think you did well! I can see the butterfly clearly when I enlarge the picture. Those creatures are not easily captured.