Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birds Of A Weather

They come in all shapes and sizes, at different hours of the
day, chirping, cooing, screeching or squawking as they go
about the serious business of surviving! My plot must be
the land of plenty for them because they're here most of the
time. Of course I feed them, but not all the time. This pigeon
was busy pecking but when she saw me with the camera, she flew
off to the wire and looked rather cheekily (I think!) at me!!

This wire which is just outside our compound is a favourite haunt.
I love to sit in the veranda and watch them, especially in the
afternoons. My berry tree is also another favourite haunt!

These are pictures of only some kinds. I have not managed to
get good shots of a strikingly beautiful kingfisher that comes
a-calling now. Water bounty can be tempting even with people
around! The moment they see me, they're off to the wire,
otherwise they're happy foraging/pecking in my front-yard!

I feel blessed to be visited by such lovely creatures! There's
a moorhen, furtive as ever, so I haven't got a good picture
as yet! She quickly flies her short distances and disappears
in a flash! But she does keep coming back. After all this is
the land of plenty...!!

Please click on the pictures for a better view.


Laurie from My Garden To Yours said...

Love the bird pics! What are the birds in the second pic with the long tails?

Anonymous said...

Great bird pictures Kanak!

tina said...

Cheeky little birds!

Carla said...

I really don't have lots of birds here-yet, thank you for sharing yours!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you all for stopping by.

Laurie, all along i'd thought that these birds were the ones we call 'koel' but now I'm not so sure. The koel pics on the Net look different. I hope I'll know soon...