Monday, August 11, 2008

On a Platter!

The bounty on my table came from my sister's garden. The guavas
are small but sweet. The two largish fruit are called elephant-
apple. The botanical name is Dillenia indica. It is native to
south-east Asia and is acidic. These are mainly used in fish
curries and also made into pickle. I'll be making sweet chutney
out of these.
There's nothing as refreshing as having a tall glass of freshly
made lemonade. Chilled. Garnish it with crushed mint and you're
ready to move on. Beat the heat, well, almost! Thank God for
small mercies!


Titania said...

A beautiful platter with nature's bounty. I love Guavas, though we always have to fight fruitfly, Possums, bats, flying foxes and birds, and guess who is the winner?
I love the beautiful flowers of the Elephant Apple. I have actually never used its fruit! If you want to learn to cook go to India! I am sure you make a tasty chutney out of those fruits.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Wow, Trudi, you have the best of both worlds! I could never grow some of the flowers that you have. But what's common here also thrives there! I really didn't think Elephant Apple was found in Australia! Blogging has taught me so many interesting/surprising things about the plant world!BTW the beauty of the king fern is still very much on my mind!