Monday, September 1, 2008

Rising Like The Phoenix

I was busy trying to get a good shot of this dragonfly in the
wildest-looking part of my yard--where sedge grows tall and
abundant, and another kind of grass which blooms before winter

I do use a lot of sedge, with or without the leaves in many of
my floral decorations. As fillers I think they do a great job.

It was then that I noticed this! The unmistakable buds of a canna!
I was so amazed that I momentarily forgot about the dragonfly!
Amazed because I remember having cannas in this particular spot
some years ago. How did the rhizomes survive for so long?! Or did
they go into hibernation or do a Rip Van Winkle, or....or..?!
Still can't figure out!!

By next afternoon the buds started to open. With the promise of
a colour that would light up this portion of my plot! I couldn't
wait for the blooms to open in all their yellow glory...

It'd rained at night...this was how I found them in the morning
--vibrant in yellow and a photographer's delight...countless
droplets of rain on the petals.

What a joy to discover these little surprises that a garden throws
up from time to time. For me, the memory of the canna rising like
the Phoenix from muddy/watery oblivion will be treasured for a
long time. Who would've thought that such wildness had a precious
treasure waiting to be seen?


Carla said...

WOW! Don't you just love 'little suprises' in the garden like that????

Anonymous said...

What a lovely golden surprise! I love gardening & all the treasures we can find when we least expect them.

tina said...

Pretty neat story!

Titania said...

A lovely surprise and such a pretty colour. I love the petals with raindrops. The Glads look good too. I love all those tall flowers for vases or in the garden. I have bought two new cannas, two differnet pinks. I love them, because they are so "tough", lovely tropical colours and increase at a good rate. I nearly forgot to mention the lovely dragonfly don't tell it!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Carla/PGL/Tina and Trudi,
Thank you for your comments. Yes, I'm still basking in canna glory!!!Makes you think about survival under the most adverse circumstances.
And Trudi, I'd love to see your pink cannas some time...

Nancy said...

Cannas are so hardy. Just when you thought they were gone forever, they can surprise you... and they do pop up at the most surprising times.