Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In The Pink Of Floral Health!

Hoping to attract more bees and butterflies, I'm gradually
adding more of bright blooms to my collection. I love the
pattern on this variety of coleus. The line of bromeliads at
the back also has tinges of pink on them!

I once had an adenium but it died. Maybe I should've gone easy
on the watering. A recent post by Eric of I Like Plants had
such a beautiful bloom that I HAD to go and get one from a nursery.
There was only a hint of a bud when I bought it but now it's
blooming. I'll most certainly remember that its other name is Desert
rose and where there's 'desert' there's no water!

I've only recently started adding more euphorbias to my collec-
tion. This colour instantly lifted my spirits!

I made a little bamboo trellis for this pink Ixora. Once the blooms
go I'll prune it. The trellis immediately attracted a carpenter bee
which soon gnawed/drilled a near-perfect round hole on it!

This Ixora is a dwarf variety. The person at the nursery told me
that it'll grow to a height of two ft or so. I'm happy with that but
most of all, the thought of the butterflies that'll come is worth
the wait!!!


Carla said...

What beautiful blooms! Flowers really shout out joy don't they? I hope they all do well for you!

Anonymous said...

Your exotic & tropical pink blooms look great! I really love that Desert Rose Adenium with the light pink fading to a deep pink on the edges of the petals. Gorgeous!

Susie said...

Kanak, I love all these pinks. I really enjoy seeing things I have never seen before like that adenium. What a pretty little bloom. It's shape reminds me of mandevilla.

tina said...

Lovely pink blooms. I too like the Euphorbias, not sure why though. You must have a big issue with carpenter bees. I personally hate the things!

Kanak Hagjer said...

They do Carla, they really do!

Yes, Racquel. Now I'll be on the lookout for some other colours, maybe a little darker than this one. But I haven't had enough of admiring this beauty!

Susie, I don't know what a mandevilla is but I'll find out. Thanks for mentioning it.

Tina, I used to be scared of carpenter bees before but now it's ok. They whiz past me and generally keep to themselves and of course, I photograph them quite often.

Titania said...

Kanak, your pink series looks enchanting. I hope your Adenium does well. I made the same mistake, too much water! My neighbour bought me a tiny one and now I have to be more careful. I also love Euphorbias; Oh Kanak how we could swap plants! Have a nice weekend.T.