Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Of This And That!

The common wood sorrel...I use the leaves for that li'l bit
of tang in fish curries. And sometimes I pick the mauve
blooms to add that splash of colour inside the house!
The leaves are also used to scrub and polish brass utensils
and other decorative objects. The acid content brings a
lovely shine to brass.

The spouse bought these from local growers recently. These
were really sweet and went into making juice. I added the
juice of fragrant lemons and crushed mint (not in this pic-
ture). Swirls of heaven----in a glass!

Guavas from a tree that's bearing fruit for the second year
now. Just a few to be picked in a day but for a family of four,
it's enough. THe crows get there first and against them, other
birds don't stand a chance!

Looks can be so deceptive! These pretty wild berries are
extremely sour. Not only that, the moment you're done
with the pulp(?) and you get to the seed you realise it's
bitter! My husband bought them because they're so pretty.
Doesn't beauty work like that? In some cases knowing fully
well it's worth nothing,you still fall victim to it!


Anonymous said...

How lovely to be able to pick your own Guavas.
I have enjoyed looking through your blog.
An Artist's Garden

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you so much! I'll be heading to An Artist's Garden now!