Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Sister's Garden, Again

Spent some time with my sister's family yesterday. My
nephew is now six months old! There he was, joining in
on our conversation with his happy, happy gurgling! And
whenever I'm there, a garden stroll is a must. What I couldn't
manage here with butterflies, lady luck or should I say
butterfly luck, favoured me there!! Here are some shots.

This Ixora has grown from a cutting from my plant given
to her years ago.

It does make sense to have vibrant blooms in the garden.
there were so many butterflies flitting about!

Some shots of the garden .....

The dark green leaves of the only orange tree.

I love this spot, it's so shady.

Ah, Neem. Without it where would we be?!

The last remaining blooms of the Flame Tree. Makes you realise
that summer is no longer here...


Anonymous said...

I love seeing what's growing in your gardens at this time of the year. Your Ixora is just an annual here. Citrus I would have to grow in containers because they're not hardy in my zone 7b garden. Thanks for sharing your sister's pretty garden.

Layanee said...

What a pleasure to tour this tropical garden. I love the shot of the neem tree as it is a great product here in the USA! We have been without it for too long. Your nephew is beautiful!

tina said...

Just lovely. The baby is a doll!

Carla said...

Pretty baby, pretty garden!

marmee said...

how nice that you and your sis live close and can share your love of gardening. my sis, @hoe and shovel, live hundreds of miles apart and many states. mine tn, hers, fl. but we share gardening thru visits and blogging. lovely photos of the foilage and baby!

marmee said...
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Tootie said...

Very pretty photos!

Kanak Hagjer said...

PGL, this climate isn't orange-friendly-- for instance it isn't like having a mango tree--everyone's got one or more than one! But I'm glad my sis is trying it out. An orange growing zone closest to the city is about 20 kms away. But seeing her tree, I've also planted my tiny orange saplings into bigger pots today. Thanks for your comment.

Layanee, hi! Lovely to have you here--will definitely be visiting your blog to get to know you better. Thank you for your comment.

Tina and Carla,
Thank you both so much!

Marmee, that's what we talk about sometimes. Not many siblings are lucky enough to be living in the same place. My youngest sister lives in South India so I can understand about you and Meems. Thanks for stopping by.

Tootie, hi!
Just checked out your Skywatch photos and wow, they're beautiful! Would love to see more pics of the lovely island you live in. Thank you for your visit.

walk2write said...

Your climate and soil provide a wealth of beauty and useful products like the neem. It's interesting to see a picture of the source.