Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Birds Will Always Be Here!

Today was the day of the birds...but the first one to greet
me this morning was this dragonfly. Totally and wholly at
rest on this plant. I even adjusted the pot a wee bit but
it gave no indication that it knew about another creature's

The day was hot but by afternoon there were clouds that bore
the promise of rain.....

Carpenter bees live in this bamboo. As I passed this way I
saw this sight. Usually, they go in very fast but this is a
smaller bee or wasp being dragged down!

The water rail is an elusive one and difficult to photograph.
These birds come only when no one's around. The moment they
see me they fly their short distances and disappear in the marsh.
But they forage here every day and their squawk is something
I've gotten used to.

Here's another shot. It might be a little difficult to
locate the bird.

Ever since the rains started, I've often seen the pond herons
in flight. They look absolutely white because of their wings.
But that's only in flight. At rest, they're a light shade of
brown. This is only the second time I've seen a heron on my
coconut tree.

Looking up Wikipedia, I found out that in warm countries, they
dwell in wetlands. Pond herons nest in small colonies often
with other wading birds. They feed on insects, fish and amphibians.

Couldn't get a clearer picture. The moment it sensed my presence
it flew away to a neighbour's mango tree!
Without any ripening fruit in any of my trees, I did wonder
whether the birds would come. But seeing them happily twittering
and chirping on the wire and the trees I now know that they'll
always come. And that, in itself, is heartening!


Roses and stuff said...

I can't imagine being without birds! It's so nice to have them around your garden. But they are difficult to catch on photo - you did very well!
PS I love the dragonfly too!

tina said...

That wasp is pretty neat. The other bees ate it? Your heron is big! I want lotuses but I don't have enough sun. Must be lovely. Especially the seedpod.

Titania said...

Good idea to have a day of the birds. Yes, it is hard to take pictures of birds. Good location, lovely bird, ready...and the bird flies off at the right moment! You got a really good shot of the dragonfly and the carpenter bees are interesting creatures too.

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of the heron. I could just make it out sitting in your tree.

Susie said...

Coconut and mango trees; how wonderful! If I was a bird, I would definitely come for a visit.

I was able to see the water rail in one of your pictures. Looks like an interesting bird.

walk2write said...

I guess the birds have learned to cope with power lines, like every other obstacle we humans have put in their way. Another blogger, whose post I just read, has been frustrated with the havoc domestic cats have been causing with her local bird population. Maybe Hitchcock's movie makes a good point about what birds could do if enough of them got their little heads together...

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Kanak!...I enjoyed your dragonfly photo! They are such curious creatures to watch and to be studied by them as well. It's nice to see dragons from other parts of the world!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thanks Katarina, you really need several attempts to get a shot!

Tina, mine's a young lotus but having a water-plant is indeed, lovely! About the wasp photo, it certainly looked like bee feed to me. I may find out more on this!

That's right Trudi. Very difficult to get good shots. I even saw a wood-pecker yesterday, white with black horizontal stripes. Now, if i can get a shot, just one shot....!!

Pgl/ Susie, thanks. Still hoping to get a better shot of the heron.

W2W, that's awful, I mean the cat menace. I did see a cat on the neighbour's garage-roof relishing, what I thought, was a bird. I'd be disturbed too if I had to see this on a regular basis!

Kim, you're the best person to comment on dragonflies! I enjoy seeing your dragons too!

Carla said...

You have quite a view don't you? Thank you for sharing your friends!

Anonymous said...

Simply beutiful