Thursday, July 31, 2008

For the Pun of it!

The Grapes of Rot!
I had gone to a nursery to get a mussanda plant. The nurseryman
was dealing with other customers who were there before me so I
looked around and saw this. The climate in our region is not
conducive to growing grapes and yet plant-lovers go ahead braving
pests and the produce--sour grapes! These turn purple when ripe
but even then the taste that it leaves in the mouth is sweet-

For Some Plants, the Stakes are High!
I noticed this plant sprouting at a place where the soil leaves
much to be desired but I staked some dead branches anyway. Manure
should do the needful, to some extent!

The Down(side) of Decorating
An empty nest and its surroundings yielded this find.
The softest, lightest feathers, lighter than a whisper!

Rooting For a New Pot!
Looks yucky but was the best
I could find to match the
description. An old tin, an
ancient ficus, bursting at
the seams(?)--crying out for
a new home!

Hello, lizard, how have you bean lately?
The lizard seems to know me well by now. She seems to be
happy being photographed pretty often.


Titania said...

Hi Kanak, thank you for your comment on my SWF. I have the same, certain pictures jolt the memories.) I see you won't make any wine soon. Better stick with the Mussanda. Perhaps you get a nice surprise with the little struggler, its stakes are high! The lovely lizard strikes a pose, oh, here comes the lady with the camera, do I look alright? Have a nice weekend.

Green thumb said...

Hi Kanak, it was a pleasant surprise to find your blog. I've been in the blogosphere for over an year now and get very excited to see an Indian Gardening blog.
North east is a very beautiful part of country and sadly a visit to northeast has eluded me till now; the pictures on your blog have made me even more conscious of the paradise I have been missing.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Trudi,I hope I do, with the little plant!And don't be surprised to see more lizard photos later because she seems to be so comfortable with me around, budges just a few inches when I hover near her. Have a lovely weekend too!

green thumb, hi! Thank you for visiting. A lovely surprise!But I hope in future you 'll definitely visit this part of the country. Off to your blog now to get to know you better!

tina said...

Love this picture of the lizard. At first you know something is up, then wonder why and you can clearly see it looking at you! Cool. Thanks for submitting my post. I am wondering where in the world Assam is located? Showing my ignorance a bit. Also, your profile is so nice, to 'feel the pulse of life'. That is what gardening is all about.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Tina,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. This lizard loves to hang out in my backyard!
Assam is in the north-eastern part of India.On the Blotanical map you'll see that it's closer to Myanmar.Glad you asked.
Liked the information on your latest post too! Garden vomit! Wow!

tina said...

Alright, I got it-so far away in this world-yet so close really. Isn't the Internet great?