Saturday, July 12, 2008

My sister's garden

I recently went to my sister's place to spend some time with
the newest addition to the family--my cute little nephew. Took
some photos of my sister's garden. She loves gardening and she
has several fruit trees. Her backyard bounty usually consists
of assorted vegetables and herbs of the season. But for the
time being, gardening has taken a back seat. There's a lot of
weeding to be done. It is now that weeds proliferate with a
vengeance, ready to defy the action of any gardening tool!

The lemon tree grows so tall that she lets a pumpkin plant
merrily climb its heights!

A small cucumber patch, the plants trail on dead branches
staked to the ground.

The corn patch. It's the sweet-smelling colourful variety.

Swiss cheese clambers up an ancient bottle-brush tree near
the entrance.


Titania said...

It is nice that you can go and visit your sisters garden and you can cuddle your baby nephew. It is always interesting to visit a different garden. Your sisters garden looks like a natural garden. I like that style, plants grow in abundance and happily where nature takes them!

Kanak Hagjer said...

I'd never really thought about any kind of style associated with her garden. But what you say is right. It's nature taking its own course and in doing so, there's a certain beauty about it!