Monday, July 7, 2008

My winged visitors


cindee said...

Cool critters!!!!

Titania said...

The red winged one looks like a dragon fly or a damselfly, perhaps?
The red wings with the white tips are very beautiful, crying out "look at me".I see dragon- and damselflys in different colours in my garden but not this one. The little brown butterfly looks so humble on the hibiscus leave, and still has a lovely pattern on its wings. Great, to observe all sorts of visitors to the garden.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Every winged creature flit about in the mornings like there's no tomorrow. But late afternoons, they r..e..s..t-- on their chosen leaf, twig, or a clothesline that's just been emptied of a load of laundry.
I think the red one is a dragonfly.I looked up and found out that dragonflies have their "iridiscent wings outspread at rest" unlike damselflies whose wings are usually closed at rest. Thanks for visiting!