Monday, July 28, 2008

Romancing the Rain.........

We've had so much rain this month that I thought I'd
remain unmoved by it. It'd been drizzling during the
day, raining at night, all along, but today, there was
a lull from the skies; everything looked and smelled
Sunshine and the activity around the house was sun-
related. Shoes were sunned, pillows were out, clothes
too, just to get rid of that musty, mildewy smell
which hangs like an invisible cloak in closets, rooms;
so much a monsoon thing. With no long hours of sun to
turn to, the mustiness makes itself at home and out-
stays its welcome(?)!
In the evening, the skies turned a vivid shade of
blue, in patches, thunderclouds loomed large, then
a brief storm violently shook the trees but before I
could say--I'd better close that door--it'd passed.
To be followed by rain, pitter-patter for a few
minutes, then, a full-fledged shower! With the wind
and the rain, for one transitory moment, I had the
feeling of being on a hill with the wind against me
and orange clouds racing above! But the earth,
deprived of rain for only one whole day, was parched
and dry, and oh-so-thirsty! It drank up rapidly and
the smell of raw earth, the essence of life, wafted
all around...
I sat with my cuppa out in the veranda, drinking more
of the sight, the smell and the sound of rain than
the tea from my cup! The earth, denied rain for only
one sun-drenched day could no longer wait to be
quenched by rain again!!


cindee said...

Yay rain. It sounds heavenly!!! So glad you got to enjoy it!!!

Titania said...

Kanak, I can relate to your story about the rainy monsoon days. I love them, because it is hot and the rain is so welcome, so everthing tends to get mouldy quickly I have to leave the wardrobe doors open! We have now rainy winter days and it is quite chilly....brrr

Anonymous said...

You really write so beautifully-its lovely going through yr blogs.Yes,yesterday the rains were a welcome respite after the hot sultry day.


Mother Nature said...

Gray, cloudy, wet days are a treat here in the hot summertime. Nothing like rainwater to make everything bloom again.

Elke said...

I think, you are not only a "Terra Farmer", you are a poet :-)
Thanks for your comment in the Mainzauber Gartenblog.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Cindee/ Trudi/ Indrani,
Loved reading your comments, thank you. I think we all have a love-crib! crib! relationship with the elements!!

That's right. Also the watering gets taken care of and that's a big time-saver!

Thank you for your kind comment. I
feel honoured! So glad you visited!

Rowena said...

Hi Kanak,
I just read your message at Blotanical and thought I'd hop on over. Scrolling through some of your previous posts, I can only say that you have some incredible images to share of your corner of the world. I especially loved the lizard pics...he/she is something that I'd love to have hanging around in my garden!

walk2write said...

I love your description of the weather and its effect on your spirit as well as the physical aspects of your life. For the mustiness lingering in the air, you might want to try using a diffuser with a mixture of clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon essential oils. These oils not only smell wonderful but also kill fungal spores in the air.

Kanak Hagjer said...

That lizard is very much around. She/he appeared to be so drowsy today that when I took some more photos it only budged a little. It thrilled me to bits to have a garden lizard pose again, without any complaints!!
Enjoy the sunny days!

walk to write,
Thank you for stopping by, and for your kind comment. The diffuser sounds refreshing. I'll definitely try it out.

Sunita said...

Kanak, save a cup for me... rainy days really get to me. Maybe I was a plant in my last birth?