Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mango Mania

Our papers and magazines are going to town with mango recipes.
One food writer had his weekly column titled "Cooking with the
King" with many fusion recipes. The versatality of the mango is
that it enhances rather than overwhelms the taste and flavours!
I made this sauce with ripe mangoes, pureed, and later thickened.
The seasoning-- chilli powder, salt and sugar.

These beautiful blooms are from my friend's garden. Apart from
these, Chon has a wonderful collection of euphorbias too!
These blooms will lend a decorative touch to the kitchen
table for ten days or so.

These came from the old tree in my parents' garden. I can't remember
how many summers it ruled our lives--in the huge jars of pickle that
lined the kitchen shelves, the chutney on days when not a leaf stirred
in the garden; sugar, salt, chopped chillies and a drizzle of mustard
oil...heavenly! But the tree after a storm, and the sight of tiny
mangoes on the ground below was a sight that pulled at our heart-
strings. And yet the tree stood, stately and dignified, and bore fruit
year after year. And it still does!

My favourite summer salad! As you can see from the photo the
ingredients aren't too many but it's enough to serve four.
The dressing is made of olive oil, sugar, tabasco, salt and
one or two cloves ( depending on size) of crushed garlic.
The King makes all the difference!


Titania said...

Mangoes are truely heavenly fruit. The recipes sound delicious. It is very nice how you matched the tablecloth and the heliconia flowers with the colour of the Mangoes. Also the bowl with the salad matches the tablecloth.Isn't it fun to be a stylist and a photographer? I shall try your recipes in summer when our Mango trees are bearing fruit.
Have you read:) The Mangotree by australian author Ronald McKie. The first edition was 1974. I don't know if this book is still available. Perhaps at Amazon used books.

Sunita said...

Kanak, great blog!
I'm really curious about what you grow in Assam. Which variety of mango do you grow? In my garden I have a few 'Alphonso' mango trees, a 'Rajapuri', and a couple of mango trees from South India ('Chandrakalan' and 'Prior').
I like the way the Golden Torch heliconias reflect the orangy-yellow of the mango sauce.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Yes Trudi, it was fun trying to colour co-ordinate, if only for the blog! And thanks, I'll try to get a copy of The Mango Tree.
Will be trying out your recipes too."The Orchard" truly is a place which makes visitors feel very welcome!