Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not done with mangoes, yet!

A refreshing summer drink-- mango-banana shake in a tall
glass and a chance to display my cross-stitch!

The ingredients--to serve four, you need two bananas,
two mangoes. Slice the fruit and into the blender they
go. Add condensed milk along with milk, blend. Pour
into tall glasses. Voila! Anybody needs some more ice?

Mango with cream makes a delicious dessert. I couldn't
resist using a bit of blue. The sprig of wild grass was
plucked from the backyard. I think it belongs to the
sedge family. I simply love the way the long, slender
blades droop....


Titania said...

Yummy healthy shake I love that and a beautiful cross stich. I have done a lot of those so I appreciate the work. The blue arrangement looks good with that elegant, slender grass and I wish I could taste the mango dessert it looks delicious. Are you a decorator by profession Kanak?

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thanks Trudi. I've left a message for you on Blotanical.

preeti said...

i liked the pictures of ur plants.they look beautiful and i appreciate ur hard labour.And yes u are a good cook so looking forward to dine together....lot of good wishes

I likE plants! said...

Mmmmmmm mangoes I love them!!!!

Great post.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Preeti/ i like plants,
Thank you for the kind comments. So glad you dropped by...