Thursday, July 24, 2008

Backyard update

Fungi on dead wood.

No space to build a proper trellis for my pumpkin plant
so I let it follow the bamboo trail!

Caterpillar on the bean vine.

Backyard green island I created for plants that I can give away.
Most of these are fast-growing and I already have several in
containers. In order to house the surplus I've used a large
plastic bag, punched little holes in it, then put in waste
from sugar-cane, coconut husks and mulch from all the leaves
and grass trimmings. There's just a bit of soil here, a mix-
ture of sand and good garden soil bought from a nursery. It's
like trying out a recipe. A bit of this and a bit of the other
and my plants aren't complaining!

Grow, bean, grow!!

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