Monday, July 21, 2008


Sunita of The Urban Gardener
has tagged me. I was tagged recently by titania (Trudi)of Yesterday
Today and Tomorrow in my Garden so I won't be playing the game now.
But I'm glad that Sunita thought about me. It's a compliment to be
remembered. Thanks Sunita.
I was very happy to see Sunita on Blotanical recently. We're both
from India (even though we are at the opposite ends) and it felt
good to see another Indian flag flying on Blotanical. Since then
we've kept in touch through our Blotanical plots and we also visit
each others' blogs often. Like Sunita said, Indians are busy gar-
dening, so there's no time for blogging!! I agree, totally!
I'd like to wish Sunita many happy blogging hours/years on


Sunita said...

LOL! I'll be sure to keep complimenting every time I get tagged again (and I'll go down on my wonky knees and say 10 novennas, praying that I dont).
Hmmm, Kanak, I'm sure if you tried, you could come up with 6 more interesting facts about yourself. Or should I have asked your teenagers? Now there's an idea!

Kanak Hagjer said...

For me, writing 6 interesting facts about myself is the hardest thing thing to do! My tag post was ugh! One person I tagged was Daphne's that is what I call interesting! You can have a look. Also Ancel of Pacha Mona. Enjoy!

Tag?! Been there! Done that! Cheers!