Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wild East

Spent the day with friends and some of my
son's classmates at a resort called Wild East.
For a garden blogger who'd wanted to post about
something on the lines of 'In June, what's in -
bloom?', the day turned out to be perfect. First
of all, the place was on a hilltop. The road was
a dirt track with a steep incline. And the plants!
Everything that a tropical jungle would have. Well,
almost! I went with Chandana around the property
looking for vantage points (the view was lovely)
and, closer to my heart, plants as subjects for
the camera.
George Bordoloi, the owner has put in a lot of
hard work to achieve the look. It's aptly named.
It's also a haven for butterflies, bees and drag-

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