Saturday, June 7, 2008


For years i'd been bitten by want-her-lust. The
objects of my desire have been plants from dif-
ferent regions, mainly from cooler climes, and
nurturing them was an exercise in futility.
But i didn't find that out straightaway. My
tenacity clung to me for years, "maybe this
time" was a refrain that constantly hummed in
my (pea) brain. Sometimes the cravings were
as bad as all the Seven Deadly Sins clubbed
Holidaying in the Himalayan foothills almost
every year, i'd fall in love with begonias all
over again. I've brought them by rail, road
and air hoping to grow them in all colours.
But once they landed on Torrid Zone they'd
wilt. Nothing could rejuvenate them again;
neither the right amount of water nor shade.
Nothing would evoke any positive response.
And yet i didn't give up hope.
Somewhere along the way realisation dawned!
There was no earth-shattering event which
worked as a catalyst,(not that i can tell).
Maybe Mother Nature made me come to my
And yes, next time we head for the mountains,
and if i see the Queen Mother of all begonias,
in full regalia, nary a notion of bringing her
back with me will deign to enter my cleared head!
I shall only gawk and i shall only stare. And
i shall turn on my heel and walk away...tra la
In order to mark the revelation of sense and
sensibility, i went and bought a begonia plant
from a nursery less than a kilometre away. Not
again, one might think, but i've purged myself
of this craving and what could be better than to
get a begonia that's acclimatised down to its last
gene! I'd seen these plants earlier at the nursery,
seemingly oblivious to the heat but i'd wanted more
than just pink clusters for flowers!
Coming back to my plant-- she's doing fine and
she seems happy. Weather conditions? Conducive!
She's Guwahati-weather-friendly which is why i
bought her. And soon,i hope, she'll be ready to
increase and multiply!

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