Sunday, June 22, 2008

Red Hibiscus

In my earlier post about the pink and yellow hibiscus
that i grow, i had mentioned the red variety but did
not include a photo. Yesterday, when the sun finally
peeked through the clouds, i went around the frontyard,
camera in hand, and these are the results.
The red hibiscus has a layered petal with curled edges.
The stamen is short unlike the single-petalled variety;
long stamens are characteristic of single petals.
One bloom had fallen on the ground and i put it in a
bowl of water. There's something so welcoming about
fresh flowers, whether in a vase or in a water-filled
container. Needless to say i spent much time admiring
the bloom in the midst of cooking dinner, watching TV
and feeding the dogs!


cindee said...

That is a beautiful bloom!! I enjoy fresh cut flowers in the house too!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Cindee, being on Blotanical has made me appreciate not only other people's plants but mine as well. I've had this hibiscus for years but taking a photo to post it made me actually SEE how beautiful it is! Thanks for leaving a comment.

cindee said...

Taking pictures of your flowers does make you appreciate them more. Its like the saying..."Take Time To Smell The Roses" It slows you down and lets you really see everything!!!! I know I appreciate my garden a lot more now too!!!!!