Monday, June 30, 2008

I Was The Wind

I was the wind last night.

I vaulted the river and swam seven mountains,

And turned aside the tall trees guarding the valley.

I caught glimpses of you through the tiny window

as I wandered around the house.

They wouldn't let me in----- too cold a wind!

I hung about listlessly, afraid to call too loud;

Then like a weary man limped homewards over the mountains.

When will I learn the value of stillness?

--- Ruskin Bond


Titania said...

Poetry to read and to read again. Very powerful words, beautiful.)
Kanak, thank you for the name of the "berry tree". We grow different Eugenias.
(I skip the I have always trouble with this one) Some
are grown as "bushfood". Most, I find are fairly insipid. I grow a few in my rainforest area.

Kanak Hagjer said...

I got this poem in a magazine over thirty years ago! Recently, I went through the collection of quotes, poetry and lovely wordings and I'll be sharing some of them.