Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The blessings of June

This morning when i went out to hang the washing
i noticed the first of the berries that had be-
gun to ripen. No wonder the birds have been a
a little louder and busier this week. It had
rained at night so the temperature had come
down. The freshness that only the rain can
bring somehow seemed suspended in space and
time. I quickly finished my chore and clicked
at the berry tree. But when i was at it, i saw
a creeper, again with the first blooms of the
year! I'm so glad i created my place in blogo-
sphere. Otherwise i wouldn't have written about
the things i do or photographed every little
bloom/fruit/foliage that caught my eye! Every
plant, no matter big or small must be acknow-
ledged. After all, they make our plots and our
neighbourhood, a better place to live in.
Later, on the way to my children's school, I
saw gossamer mist float on the tops of the
range of low hills. In June. The sky was still
cloudy, heavy with the promise of more rain. On
my way back, i bought some litchis, another fruit
of the season. The vendor swore they were the
sweetest ones this side of the Brahmaputra!
All these years i'd never written about these
little things which made the heat bearable. Now
i know and i shall write, that in June------
You can still wake up to misty morns.
The hills are ablaze with yellows and reds.
No matter how hot it gets, the drizzle will take
care of your thirsty plants.
That the creeper trailing along the wall will
be draped in colour.
In one corner, fragrant flowers will bloom and
as you walk through the gate,the aroma will
gently waft into your being.
Birds, bees and butterflies will fly and set your
heart a-flutter and you'll be glad to be alive
and well.
Oh, the blessings of June!

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Daphne said...

Wow half way around the world and we are blogging about the same thing - the rain. I enjoyed visiting your blog.