Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wings On The Penta

To all my American blogger friends and visitors, I wish you-

A Very Happy 4th of July.

Slant-faced grasshopper on white penta.

Only the Ixora can compare with the constant stream of winged
visitors descending on the pentas. I have them in four colours.
The one in a lighter shade of pink has had no visitors for the
past two days! Below are the regular callers-- the peacock pansy,
the emigrant, the lemon pansy, and the carpenter bees. Enjoy!


Kaija said...

Hi! You have beautiful photos here in you blog! Best wishes from Crow cottage, Southern Finland.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kanak, Thanks for the 4th of July wishes. What pretty pictures today. I especially am amazed at the detail of the bee. Today, I have noticed more hummingbirds at my feeders and lantana. It is so fun to watch them. Wish you were here to photography them for me!

Anonymous said...

haha, i was uploading the photos for 2007 and 2008 that are scheduled for blogging and i have quite a few butterfly and bugs to show too :D

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Kanak, your flowers surely do bring some beautiful butterflies your way. I haven't even seen any butterflies this year--and I have all kinds of plantings to encourage them to visit. It's kind of sad:-( Maybe they'll stop by eventually, I mean, I even planted so they could lay eggs--dill, fennel, parsley, etc. Oh well, I guess they just don't know what they're missing!! Do your carpenter bees cause problems? Ours do! They continually come around and 'drill' holes in wooden structures, such as our screened in porch!! They are amazing creatures, they drill so perfectly--but, I definitely can do without them!! Thanks for the 4th of July wish!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Kaija, thank you so much! Will be at your blog soon!

Hi Mildred, I'd love to!:) What a pleasure it must be to watch the hummingbirds. As for the bee, did you notice the pollen on its back? I've got photos of how that came about too! Enjoy your Sunday!

Barry, I'd LOVE to see them!! This morning I shot my first spider-of- the-day at 6.30. I'll be posting more of them because the rainy season turns the area into slush! So, no plantings!

Jan, it's the best year so far. I still have several butterfly photos and I'll be posting them later.

Maybe when the butterflies come, they'll come in droves! And that's a whole lot of plantings.

Till date, the carpenter bees have caused no problems here. They love the bamboo so any wood on the house remains untouched. I use a lot of dead bamboo as stakes for my plants and they're always drilling precision round holes there. Several times a day they whiz past me. I guess they realize I'm very much part of the landscape!!

Good luck with the butterflies---in your beautiful garden.

NatureStop said...

Kanak,looks like your garden is full of activities.Such beautiful sure they keep you busy:)Great pics.

Chandramouli S said...

I'm in love with your winged friends' shots. I love the sight of carpenter bees buzzing around when I work in the garden. Never knew pentas came in such deep red! Wow!

tina said...

Thank you Kanak! We had a great one since it rained 2.5 inches! I am most happy. No more watering for a few weeks. Lovely butterflies and pentas.

Kanak Hagjer said...

NatureStop, oh they do!! At times I should be spending less time there! But (sigh) the whirr of wings sends me running....!

Chandramouli, glad you do! And good to see you again!

Tina, good for you! It can be such a drag at times...having to water all those plants! Lovely to read your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kanak for the holiday wishes. :) I love your Pentas, wish they were hardy in area. They are such a wildlife magnet in the garden!

Susie said...

Hey Kanak, you caught some wonderful winged friends here. The grasshopper is interesting looking.

Thanks for your happy holiday wishes!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kanak your photos of the winged creatures are so pretty. I love to see different insects that are not native to my area. That grasshopper looks so strange to me ;-)

Sue said...

I love your butterflies! I think the gold one may be my favorite. I am finally starting to see some butterflies.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Racquel, I'm thinking of adding the yellow one too. I'm very happy with all that wildlife that the pentas are attracting. The hot pink isn't doing well at the moment--the blooms are better on the others.

Susie, I couldn't believe my eyes on seeing the grasshopper. One good thing about the rainy season is that we get to see a whole lot of interesting bugs.

Lona, I had to google for the name. A first time for me too. But this morning I saw a baby grasshopper (the same kind) on a water-lily leaf.

Good for you Sue! The gold one is the peacock pansy. I have three other pansy varieties visiting regularly. And although I've photographed them several times, I'll never tire of doing so again and again.

Stephanie said...

The butterflies at your place are so amazing! it is so wonderful to have them in the garden isn't it? Have a great week! Btw, just to let you know that the pink dwarf ixora I bought earlier has been blooming non stop ;-)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Steph, that's wonderful! Ixoras never disappoint!! You have a great week too! Now I'm off to see whether there are any pretty wings on my plants!

Carol said...

Beautiful butterfly shots and love the caterpillars above too!