Friday, July 10, 2009

Blooming Friday

Welcome to Blooming Friday! For more posts to see what's
blooming today, please visit Katarina at Roses and Stuff.

The pink blooms of the Coral Vine/Antigonon leptopus snapped
on an early morning walk in the neighbourhood. This blooms
throughout summer and the sight of the heart-shaped flowers
is enough to lift one's spirits on a hot summer day.

Passing by a temple on the way to a friend's house, I couldn't
resist photographing these pink frangipani blooms.

Not really happy with the photo of the tree, I gathered up
some fallen blooms and to my delight, I saw that there was
a Coral Jasmine/Nycthanthes arbortristis tree as well. I found
a few jasmine blooms as well and placed them on the grass.
I love the contrast of these colours!

From my neighbour's frangipani tree, several blooms fall into my
yard. I usually collect them and place them in bowls of water.
Here's a few on a plate.

And blooming in my garden now, is the Pink Jasmine. The bloom of
Jasminum polyanthum is pure white. But the buds have a pinkish
tinge on the outermost petals.

The tiny white blooms of the Asparagus Fern.

I hope you've enjoyed going through these pictures. There'll
be more next week for another "Blooming Friday".


Stephanie said...

The yellow frangipani is so nice! Smells even nicer? I would need a ladder or a cherry picker truck to take those beautiful frangipani flowers here. There is one tree by the road side that has grown so big tall and in full bloom... the tree is just so beautiful. The asparagus fern here does not really bloom so well though. It is so nice to see their flowers in your blog. Happy Friday and weekend!

Linda Lunda said...

I just LOVE frangipanis!
I have a little plant in my greenhouse but I think I'll never se it flower though we have to coold summers.
In the winter I have it inside our house.

Sunita said...

Kanak, do you know the name of that butterfly?
That's a great idea of placing the frangipani in a bowl to keep indoors. I have the white/yellow one too and love floating a few in an urn of water. It looks so tranquil.
I love the fragrance of the jasmine.You just reminded me to get some cuttings from my garden ... thanks :)

Lillebeth said...

You have so many beautiful flowers in your garden. The asparagus we have as an indoor plant here in Sweden.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Stephanie~~~ smells lovely!! Especially in the evenings. I'd planted the Asparagus fern in December. It was so tiny then. I love the way it trails down and the blooms have been around for some time.
You have a great weekend too!

Linda, I hope your tree blooms, eventually. It's simply wonderful to get that refreshing fragrance.

Hi Sunita, I've been googling since yesterday but no luck with the name! Looks very similar to the other Emigrants except that the yellow's so striking that I went running for the camera! The markings are also different but I'm yet to come across a picture of the same on the net.

The urn sounds lovely too! Hope your jasmine cuttings do well!

Lillebeth, thanks but many of the blooms are not from my garden. It's only through Blooming Friday that I've realised how many of our 'outdoor' plants are grown inside the house in colder climes.

Have a great day!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Thank you Kanak for sharing all your lovely Indian blooms on this blooming Friday/ LOLove Tyra

Roses and stuff said...

Hi Kanak, as always your pictures and your blooms are highly enjoyable! The flowers of the Frangipani are gorgeous - how lucky you are to have some blooms from your neighbour dropping into your yard!
Happy Blooming Friday!

AnnA said...

Beautiful flowers your showing!!!
Happy Weekend!/

NatureStop said...

Hi Kanak,
The pik and yellow frangipani are beautiful.Your room must be smelling great:)The butterfly you captured is a beauty!Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kanak, Oh I love that butterfly - how very unusual. I am not familiar with frangipani but it is lovely and must smell so good. You have such beautiful flowers and your photos are so vivid. Thanks for sharing this day and I wish you a happy weekend.

islandgal246 said...

Kanak the butterfly is sulfur it looks like the orange barred sulfur I have them in my garden and teir larval plant is the cassia. That coral vine is considered a pest here even though i find it quite pretty. I read somewhere that the roots are edible..... wouldn't try it though.

Carol said...

It is a treat to see the lovely blooms in and around your garden and neighborhood there in India! Beautiful textures and colors ... can imagine the fragrance!

tina said...

Coral Vine is such a pretty color pink. Does fragpani have a scent? I always picture that it does but don't know really. It's most pretty.

lotusleaf said...

Such lovely pictures!

Di said...

Kanak, just found your blog. Thank you. The photos are stunning, so much so that I can smell the jasmine.

Susie said...

Kanak I always enjoy seeing what's blooming on your side of the world. The frangipani blooms are so pretty.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Prospero said...

Kanak, sounds like you were walking in my neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

i have just the same fern and jasmine in my own garden, love the flower pictures.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely butterfly Kanak and all the flowers are beautiful, Frangipani! Even the name sounds exotic, how lovely. I loved the ones on the plate.

sweet bay said...

Love the butterfly and Coral Jasmine! Beautiful.

Mia said...

if I enjoy going through these pictures? everytime I visit your blogg I feel like I´m on vacation!Traveling far abroad. Well, guess I am, actuelly, thinking of it :)in cyberspace?

Catherine said...

Beautiful flowers & how you put the fallen blooms in grass~for a great photo!
Coral Jasmine so pretty~bet it smells so good!!
Have a beautiful weekend!

Mama said...

Blooming Friday sounds such fun Kanak, I love all your blooms and I love the blooms and the name of the Frangipani, they look just perfect in your bowl, happy weekend, Kathy.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Tyra, so glad to 'see' you!!

Katarina, thank you so much!!

Anna, happy weekend to you too!

Ruby/Arun, it's just lovely~~the smell, I mean. The butterfly was worth it...I stood in the hot afternoon sun while it went all across 'testing' every 'perch'--from one end of the yard to the other!

Mildred, I feel good about being able to show blooms from my area. Glad you like the butterfly. That yellow is beautiful!

Helen, thanks! All the time I'd been thinking grass yellow/emigrant. I've read about the roots too...must be like tapioca. (Wild guess).

Carol, thank you so much!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Tina, frangipani has a delightful scent. It's refreshing!

Padma, so happy to read your comment!

Di~~hi! Thank you for stopping by...and for leaving your kind words. Will see you soon!

Susie, thanks. Glad you liked the photos. Wish you a great weekend too!

Prospero, see what similar plants we have!! At times, seeing your photos I feel the same... but the sea and the style of the buildings (so beautiful) say otherwise!

Barry, how lovely! I'll check out your posts for the same.

Jan, thank you so much! Frangipani is also known as Plumeria. Somehow they remind me of Thailand. I've seen many Thai ads using these beautiful blooms...

Sweet bay, thank you so much!

Mia...what a wonderful way of putting it!! I'm so glad you feel that way. It makes me want to hunt for more exotic blooms...just for you!!!

Hi Catherine, oh it smells wonderful! Especially when the smell wafts in at night. It blooms at night and the flowers fall on the ground in the morning. The blooms are edible.

Hi Kathy, thanks. So glad to read your comment. You have a lovely weekend too!

HelenJ said...

As always, you show such lovely flowers. The Frangipani is lovely, and the white (pink) Jasmin gorgeous. I have never seen an Aspargus Fern in bloom before. It is very pretty!

Moa said...

So lovely photos of your flowers.. the frangipani tree I remember från my visit in Thailand this february.. so nice och beatiful.. Have a nice weekend.. Moa

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

So many sweet smelling vines.The Jasmine and the coral vine are terrific. I just love the blooms of the pink frangipani. How gorgeous.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Helen, thanks a ton! The A.fern is a prolific bloomer!

Hi Moa, thank you so much for stopping by. I'm so glad the frangipani reminded you of a pleasant trip. have a great weekend!

Lona, somehow this summer is fragrance-filled! I should've mentioned in the post that the frangipani has a wonderful smell too!

Titania said...

Many beautiful and scented flowers for blooming Friday. My frangipani are wintering and have lost their leaves they are now odd looking, stripped of leaves and flowers. but I love them even in their "naked" state. I grow many colours, they are all my darlings but on top of the list is the white one with a very big flower. In the Northern Rivers town, Grafton are stands of very old, frangipani trees with creamy and yellow centred flowers. I think they were planted in pioneers time. When I saw them first I was hooked, the flowers like silk and the scent like heaven!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Trudi, I just love your descriptions of the many wonderful plants in your garden. You're right about the 'naked' state. There's something about the size and the shape of the branches that's endearing. It's amazing to know about the tree in Grafton. This year I've been concentrating on scent in the garden. And I'm happy with the additions I've made. Happy days!!!