Monday, July 13, 2009

Brown Beauties

A common sight in my garden is to see a pair of brown wings
and sometimes, gray wings, on the foliage. The more exotic and
colourful butterflies make a quick stop-over but my brown ones
are here to stay.

Although the Common Palmfly loves to be on the palm leaves
or on the bamboo, it's very difficult to photograph them
with the wings spread out. I found a dead one in my backyard
and got this shot.

Otherwise I only get them like this. The two photos are of the

This is what a female looks like. It mimics the Common Tiger
butterfly and in flight, looks very different from the male
of the species. You can see a mating pair below.

And here are the ones with the rings! The names can be pretty
confusing. The Common Five Ring, the Common Bush Brown, the
Dark-Brand Bush Brown and the Common Evening Brown. The brown
ones with the rings...does that ring a bell?! Brown girls in
the ring tra la la la la.........!!! Enjoy going through the
photos. The right names or not, it's wonderful to know that
these brown beauties have made my garden their home.


Anonymous said...

Those are so very pretty. We are just beginning to get butterflies on our butterfly bushes this year. By Sept. the bushes will look "alive" with all the fluttering wings. You always take such good photographs. Thank you for sharing.

tina said...

They are pretty. Bummer on finding the dead one. Sometimes they do that. You have so many butterflies!

walk2write said...

I usually don't get to see so many as you do, Kanak, but a recent visit to a rainforest butterfly exhibit gave me a rare glimpse into another world. I've always been more interested in plants, but their visitors are changing my focus.

Susie said...

Great pictures Kanak! How do you know all those names?!?!

Stephanie said...

Very good shots of the butterflies. I have white and yellow small butterflies here but not brown ones. Yesterday a dark coloured butterfly came into my house. Later it flew off. Just so wonderful to have them around. They are friendly creature ;-) Happy Tuesday!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Mildred, that sounds great! I've never grown a butterfly bush but the photos that I've seen on blogposts are so beautiful!

Tina, everything-I mean chores- take longer because those wings keep on tempting me~~to follow them:)

W2W, during my pre-blogging days, my interest was plants only. But showing (off) my plants to the global gardening community has led me to collect species I'd never grown before. To tell you the truth, I've never noticed that many bugs but now my small garden is teeming with them.

Susie, I {desperately;)}try to find them online. In this case some Singaporean and Thai websites have been of great help to me. The site~ is an insect lover's paradise. Without referring to these websites I'd have been lost!

Stephanie, Happy Tuesday! I have a few white ones too and some gorgeous ones are still visiting the ixora and pentas. I'll be posting about them later. I can imagine how you must've felt to see a butterfly inside your house! It's a blessing, I think!

NatureStop said...

Kanak, the butterflies that visit your garden are always so pretty.The female Palmfly is a beauty and you ahve captured it so well.The light through it looks great!

ShySongbird said...

Lovely butterflies Kanak, I am always struck by how well the brownish coloured ones camouflage themselves. I also loved the Blue Dawn flower on your previous post, such a lovely colour.

Prospero said...

Kanak, you always have such wonderful butterflies in your garden. What is your secret?

Anonymous said...

It's nice that the brown ones are a regular in your garden. Their very pretty too. :)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Ruby/Arun, my recent visitors on the ixora are the Lime butterfly and the Common Mime. They're both so pretty but every creature, if you look closely, have such lovely patterns. I love those rings!

Hi Jan, the camouflage works very well for the brown ones~~brown bark, brown bamboo... Thank you for commenting about my last post too.

Prospero...LOL~~the secret is haphazard planting;). The winged ones must be thinking that my yard looks like the woodland where they come from!!! Of all the butterfly species found in India, Assam has 50% of them. Small home gardens like mine have a good number of visitors. But this year's been the best! Or I may have noticed more....all because of blogging.

Racquel, thanks. Not the usual colour one would associate with butterflies but the patterns are unique.

Frances said...

Hi Kanak, brown ladies dancing, la la la and a snap snap! Your garden is one of earthly delights to attract so many wondrous things, including snakes in mango trees! Yikes! :-)

Wendy said...

They are all so pretty! I like the one with the "eye" on its wings. Too bad the first one had to die before you could snap it's pic.
Thanks for sharing.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Frances~~the mango tree snake was my closest encounter till date!! Much as I love wildlife, snakes are...ugh!!

Wendy, I love the 'eyes' too! Glad to read your comment!