Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Welcome to July Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. To see what's
blooming in gardens around the world please visit Carol at
Maydreams Gardens.

My old yellow hibiscus. The two below are recent additions.
I couldn't quite capture the glorious pink shade.

A gift from hubby~~ Spotted Coelogyne orchid.

Wild lantana probably from a bird-dropping.

White dwarf Ixora.

Golden Showers.

Blooms of the Yellow-veined Eranthemum.

Eggplant bloom---love that colour!!

Still in bloom (but no photos ) are--portulacas, ixora, allamanda,
pentas, creeping daisy and three kinds of jasmine.


Frances said...

Hi Kanak, your delightful flowers wow me yet again. The hibiscus are all lovely, but the orange one grabbed my attention. The orchid from hubby is very nice indeed, he must be a great guy to give such a gift to an avid gardener. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kanak, All your pictures are so pretty but the orchid your husband gave you is really special. We are getting much needed rain today and everything looks so much better. I hope you are having a good day.

Susie said...

Kanak you have such lovelies blooming. The orchid is especially nice. Like your new header picture!

islandgal246 said...

Hey Kanak gorgeous blooms in your garden. Love your earthy header, is that a painted lady butterfly?

Anonymous said...

Your old yellow Hibiscus is gorgeous Kanak. I love the macro shot, so much detail inside that bloom. :) Happy Bloom Day!

Stephanie said...

That wild lantana is pretty ;-) I love the Coelogyne orchid too... look so special. I can imagine your garden to be so beautifully crowded with flowers. So wonderful.Remember to take time to enjoy your garden yeah.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thanks Frances, my DH isn't really interested in gardening but he does buy plants for me from wayside nurseries or roadside vendors. The orchid is from the neighbouring state of Meghalaya and I found out it's a species widely found in the eastern region including Bhutan and Myanmar.

Mildred, glad to read this! Rain has been sporadic this year. I was dreading the know how bad the water-logging is. But the unrelenting heat continues.

Susie, glad you like the header. I know I'm changing them too often but I was going through my older photos and got tempted again!!!

Helen, thank you so much! This is known as the Common Jester and I found it in a forest not far from the city. This was a photo in one of my butterfly posts earlier.

Racquel, thanks. That's pretty special to me. It has survived Disease that hibiscus are prone to.

Steph~~~I'm doing that! And thank you for your comment. Loved your sweet potato post but I couldn't comment on your blog yesterday. Will try again...Have a great day!

NatureStop said...

Your Header looks great!How sweet of Mr.Hakjer to gift you the Spotted Coelogyne orchid.All the blooms are so lovely.Wish I could have visited your place now.Love the colour of the lantana as well as that of the Eggplant.

Sunita said...

Great photos, Kanak. And I'm so envious of your Coelogyne orchid. Did he get it from a local nursery? Are orchids easily available Guwahati?

Anonymous said...

I just noticed your new butterfly header picture. What an amazing picture. I got out yesterday and took some butterfly pics; fortunately they were cooperative and I got one or two good pictures. Maybe later on you can help me identify them.

Carol said...

Kanak your first yellow Hibiscus photo is wonderful and I love the eggplant photo! All the blooms are lovely. Your new butterfly header is stunning! Love your last butterfly post too!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Ruby, thanks! His interest in gardening is limited to that,(buying from vendors/nurseries) but I'm happy!

Sunita, not from a local nursery. You don't get to buy really nice looking orchids here but many places in Meghalaya have roadside tea-stalls which also stock vegetables and plants. My husband also got a clump of gladiolus in mottled yellow---bulbs and all.

Here the blooming season of the year is over but as you ascend the
hills of Meghalaya you see clumps of red gladiolus growing wild... Wild in the woods...!! With pine trees in the background. It's beautiful!

Thank you so much, Mildred! It took me some time for the Common Jester to get used to my presence but I was really happy with the shot. I only managed two shots before it flew away to an inaccessible part of the forest. I'll be able to identify your butterflies only if I'm familiar with their Asian cousins:) But thanks for the thought!

Carol, I got another ringed beauty today! Thank you for mentioning my last post too! So glad you liked my favourite yellow hibiscus.

Prospero said...

Nice gift, that orchid.

tina said...

Love those hibiscus! They look heavenly. Summers in your neck of the woods are most wonderful. I can just imagine the scents from all the flowers too.

lotusleaf said...

Another beautiful moth! How do you catch them,Kanak? Lovely photographs.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kanak such beautiful double blooms on you hibiscus. The moth in your header is just gorgeous and against the brown foliage just stands out so pretty. Just great shots.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Prospero, thanks.

Tina, some of the colours are so vibrant---in summer, I mean.

Padma, they happen to be all over the place. That makes it easier!

Lona, thank you so much!! So lovely to read your words....