Friday, July 3, 2009

Blooming Friday/ Crape Myrtles

All across the city the Crape myrtles are in bloom. The road
dividers are full of these pretty blooms in shades of white,
pink, and lavender. And seeing them, how can one not post?!!

From the car as I passed by, I thought all these were common
crape myrtles. But I was glad to see that the purple one next
to the pink was the Queen's crape myrtle. I had posted on
this plant in May and I thought the blooming period was over.

Standing on the divider with cars going both ways I spent time
a good deal of time soaking in the beauty of these spectacular
blooms. These are slightly darker than the ones I'd posted earlier.
But the best part was that I didn't expect to see the Queen's
crape myrtle blooming their hearts out.

I hope you've enjoyed these views. For more Blooming Friday
posts, please visit Katarina at Roses and Stuff.


NatureStop said...

Really enjoyed your blooms of the Crape Myrtles.I can imagine you on the divider clicking away:).The Queen is a real beauty.

Karen said...

I love that you got out of your car and stood in the middle of traffic to capture these beautiful blooms for us! You are brave. I don't know if we can grow these here, maybe they like the heat? In any case, they are lovely, thank you for noticing and sharing them.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Ruby/Arun, you should've seen the look on Nishant's face!! It read (as usual)-- Oh no! Not in the middle of the road again!!
I'd gone to Maligaon to get those large pots for the shrubs I'd bought recently. Can't pass up a photo-opportunity when it's all there in front of you! Lol!

The first two photos are from (outside) Alu/Bulbuli's pizza outlet 'Pizzaz'. It's on Zoo Road just before you reach Tanz.


Hi Karen, taking photos in public places always reminds me of you! Thank you for your words....I think Seattle would be too cold. But they do seem to do well in FL.

Lillebeth said...

Thanks for sharing. So beautiful flowers!

Mia said...

I guess the same goes for norway, too, cold.. lovely flowers.

Anonymous said...

as always i'm a sucker for purple flowers, beautiful


@nemonen said...

Very lovely endeed.

tina said...

Can't get enough of them so keep posting them. Ours here in Tennessee are just beginning to bloom too. They are such great trees.

Anonymous said...

What lovely blooms Kanak. These are so pretty. Ours are just on the verge of blooming and I can't wait. I hope you have a great weekend.

islandgal246 said...

Kanak you have given me an idea to plant these shrubs along the roadside of my property. I have planted there some hibiscus that have been attacked by mealy bugs and are still trying to survive. Crepe myrtles are disease free and drought tolerant and low maintenance. Wow this is food for gardening.

Sue said...

I'm smiling at the thought of you on the divider. That sounds like something I would do, and if my husband was with me, he'd be scrunching down in the truck hoping no one saw us.

I'm happy for your excitement in seeing the queen. ;o)

Kanak Hagjer said...

Lillebeth, Mia, Barry and @nemonen,

Thank you so much!

Tina, I did wonder whether I should post them again, and that too so soon! But I'm glad after reading your comment and all the others' comments too! Personally, I'll never get enough of them:)

Mildred, wish you the same too. Would be lovely to see them when they bloom!

Helen, that'll look spectacular! I have the same problem with hibiscus here, they're so prone to aggressive attacks! Some parts of our city have the C.myrtles in single colours and they still make you look, and look, at them!!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Sue, your comment came in just as I was responding to the earlier ones. Had my husband been around, I wouldn't have stood ( a chance!) on the divider! LOL! He'd have been too embarrassed! But ooh, I loved it :-) And there was a breeze blowing--the flowers were swaying slightly, so everything took a little longer.

Carol said...

How thoughtful for someone to have given the OK for such lovely plantings along the highway! I think they may have thought twice, if they knew bloggers would be getting out of their cars! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos... taken at your own peril! They do grow in our south... perhaps not the exact same variety.

Maria said...

Drop dead gorgeous. Can´t choose which colour I prefer, just love em all.

Susie said...

Those are beautiful blooms Kanak! I can only imagine you in the middle of the road taking these pics. What we bloggers do to get a good pic. Be careful out there!!!

Prospero said...

The Crape myrtles are certainly beautiful flowers. And, it's such a great way to brighten up a city and remind people to reflect on the beauty of nature.

joey said...

As always, a delightful visit, Kanak. I see summer is being very kind to you ... your photos are lovely.

easygardener said...

I haven't heard of these plants before but they are very beautiful, especially the purple one. How brave of you to take the photos :-)

Stephanie said...

Kanak, nowadays I kept looking at this flower along the roads here. Yes I know! They are so beautiful when they are in full bloom ;-) The white ones are wonderful too. They can be quite striking especially when many white ones/trees are together. Enjoy your weekend!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Carol, a blogger does tend to observe more details! These are heavily pruned after the flowering season is over and are not allowed to grow high. There are different shrubs in different areas of the city. The other day I saw Ixoras in the brightest shade of red. You're right about someone giving the OK. Someone did! Thank God!

Hi Maria, thank you so much! If you'd like to see more of these blooms, Stephanie of Steph's Green Space (please see my blog list) had posted on this sometime back. Her colours are more vibrant than the ones I've posted.

Susie, I'll be careful! But it was fun because that's one thing I wouldn't have thought about in my pre-blogging days!

Prospero, so true! if the roadsides were bereft of blooms I'd have thought less of our gorgeous trees! But they make us stop. And admire. And yes, reflect on the beauty of nature.

Joey, thank you so much! Your words are lovely...And despite the heat ( when it doesn't rain) it's wonderful to think of the many lovely blooms as--summer being kind. I like that!

Easygardener, thank you! I'm so glad you loved the blooms!

Steph, I felt that your colours were more intense! And I haven't seen the red ones on our dividers. I'll always remember your photos. Now that you've reminded me of the white ones, there is a long stretch of white-only!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Flowers are so beautiful !! This is great..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

Roses and stuff said...

Kanak, they are both romantic and beautiful! Those shrubs must brighten up any city.
Happy Blooming Friday!

NatureFootstep Photo said...

a lot of lovely flowers, candy for the eyes. :)

Titania said...

You are right, they are absolutely exquisite. I have a huge pink one, we call them "Pride of India" the Queens Crepe Myrtle with the bigger Flowers. The others are beautiful too. Also love their colourful bark. Mine is now full of seed some germinate and I find little trees. But they are not a nuiscance like the really wonderful, yellow Tabebuia. Lovely post for Katarina's Blooming

Carla said...

Love the delicate look of the crepe myrtles bloom:) Ours are in bloom here, it should be our state plant.

Wendy said...

Those are absolutely beautiful!! I love the colours, so pretty! And so plentiful. Have a good weekend!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Unseen Rajasthan, thank you for stopping by.

Katarina, thank you so much!

Nature Footstep Photo, glad you liked them!

Thanks Trudi, I was rather confused because the blooms were bigger in my earlier post. The trees are not tall--heavily pruned in autumn, I think. But it was such a lovely sight. Although I've seen the common crapes everywhere this is the first variety I've found on the road divider.

Carla, that's right. Very delicate looking. Glad to have you stop by.

You too, Wendy. So happy to read your comment. Will be out exploring more road dividers:)

Roses and stuff said...

Kanak, thank you for your amiable comment! I must confess that when I started Blooming Friday, I wasn't sure wether anybody would like to participate - so I'm overjoyed that you chose to do just that! It pleases me enormously to have participants from different countries around the world. I think we can learn a lot from each other!

Anonymous said...

This is a beloved plant in my garden. :) They are planted throughout my area in public & private spaces. The colors are fabulous.

sweet bay said...

I love Crape Myrtles too. There's so many different color shades and they love heat!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Katarina, here's hoping that Blooming Friday grows....and grows!! Cheers to that!

Racquel and Sweet bay, glad to know that. Would love to see them when they bloom:-)