Friday, July 31, 2009

Blooming Friday/A Bromeliad And A Few More Blooms

Today I'm very happy to show these photos of a bromeliad I've
had for about five years. For reasons I do not know it took a
break from blooming last year. Which is why when I saw the flash
of red I went berserk with the camera!!!! The actual colour is
seen in the first photo.

This variety of Bromeliad is known as Bliibergia pyramidalis. It's
also known as the Flaming Torch, Summer Torch and Foolproof Plant.

The leaves are light green with serrated edges. With all that rain
the 'cup' flows over!

Purple Allamanda has been blooming for some time.

It's only now that the pink rain lilies are blooming. The
white ones are long gone.

A tiny damselfly landed on a leaf as I was clicking away.

Although I've posted about the red Penta in one of my regular
posts I can't resist doing so again... The Lime butterfly, one
of my most beautiful winged visitors, stopped by this morning.
But, as usual, she was in a big hurry! With the construction
going on, plants which are closer to the house, are affected.

Another hibiscus blooming for the first time. Don't you
love that yellow?

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Lillebeth said...

Beautiful pictures, as always. Pink rain lillies was something special!

Stephanie said...

That is a beautiful bromeliad! Kanak, do you have to apply blooming or any type of fertiliser to the bromeliad? I have a young scarlet star bromeliad and I wonder if I should feed the plant some fertiliser. The purple Allamanda is gorgeous. The blooms are big? Oh, the yellow hibiscus is so pretty. I love them all! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kanak, The bromeliad is such a brilliant color. All of your pictures are so nice but I love the lime butterfly on the penta. I hope the construction project is going smoothly. We are finally getting rain and everything looks so much better. Hope you enjoy the weekend.

Arboarkticum said...

Gorgeous pictures! Actually, we have a Billbergia that resembles yours a bit - but it's got hanging flowers. And - we grow it as an indoors plant - it wouldn't have a chance outdoors in our climate. Thanks for sharing the colourful blooms of India in July!

Mia said...

Purple Allemanda looks lovely. I can only recall seing them in yellow before :)

lotusleaf said...

Beautiful butterfly picture, as uaual.My bromeliad has also put out a flower.

Maria Berg said...

I like looking around so different flowers from home - but I have been working in Indaia so I have seen a few. MB

Amanda said...

Hi Kanak. You lives in a big and beautiful garden. What a lovely pink rain lillies. Your Hibiscus have a soft lime color and I like it. /Amanda- Fotomix.

Susie said...

That yellow on the hibiscus is very pretty. It looks so soft. How nice your bromeliad decided to bloom again.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend Kanak!

tina said...

That lime butterfly is really stunning. Great shot! I can never capture those pretty flying flowers well.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Lillebeth, thank you so much!

Steph, the purple blooms are quite large. I don't add anything extra to the bromeliad. It grows in a mix of garden soil, cow manure and sand. There's a wonderful site you might like to check out.

Mildred, thanks. It's going on fine. Glad you liked the lime b. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw it!

Arboarkticum, thank you so much! Would love to see it!

Mia, thanks. The yellows are more popular, I think.

Padma, thank you so much. Will come and see your bloom!

Maria, that's wonderful to know!

Amanda, some photos create that illusion of a large(r) area. I don't have a big garden but I keep adding plants:) Glad you liked the blooms!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Susie, hope you have a great weekend too! That hibiscus is yet to be transferred to a pot! It's still in the plastic bag from the nursery.

Thanks Tina. I was lucky today!!

Carol said...

Lovely blooms! I used to grow bromeliads... in pots that is ... are your just growing in your garden. Love those delicate rain lilies! Beautiful portraits!

Shailaja said...

What a breath-taking shot of the bromeliad! My bilbergia is waiting for a break in the monsoon conditions -- it has been raining here for the past month or so -- before it blooms. Why is it called a Foolproof plant, I wonder!

sweet bay said...

I love seeing all of your tropical plants -- they are beautiful.

Love the new header photo -- what a wonderful butterfly!

Moa said...

So many beutiful flowers some of them we have indoors here in sweden.. and you have them outdoors, we live in a wonderful world.. =).. Have a nice weekend.. Moa

Prospero said...

Billbergia pyramidalis is such a pretty plant in flower. It is very popular in Bermuda. I used to grow mine as epiphytes on tree. However, since the vase collect quite a bit of water, it became a breeding ground for mosquitoes and there is always concern for Dengue fever on the island - so I have to get rid of them. Sorry for the sad story.

kuluth said...

lovely flowers

nice blog :)

check mine :

Karen said...

Hi Kanak - your bromeliad is a stunner and I can see why that butterfly is a favorite. Nice that the winged visitors keep coming even with the construction. They probably really count on your garden as a food source! Never heard of rain lilies before - they look kind of like fall-blooming crocus. Lovely!

Roses and stuff said...

Hi Kanak, the Bromeliad is so colourful - it makes you feel happy! Your garden is so vibrant and beautiful!

rocksea said...

how old is the Purple Allemanda? we have it at home but hasn't bloomed yet.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Carol, thanks! I'm growing them in pots. The soil here is clayey so many plants are happier in their pots!

Shailaja, no idea at all! Maybe you can't go wrong with a plant which does not need care!

Sweet bay, thanks! That butterfly is known as the common jester.

Moa, I'm learning about so many flowers blooming indoors!

Prospero, that's ok! I did read about the cups being a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Glad you shared the info about Dengue fever.

Kuluth, thanks for stopping by. Will be there!

Karen, thanks. Now I can at least identify which butterfly feeds where.

Katarina, thank you so much!

Rocksea, the Allamanda is a year old here in my yard. But when I bought it from the nursery, it was about to bloom. I guess the plant must be more than two years old!

NatureStop said...

Beautiful blooms Kanak.Love the colourful bromeliad and the yellow hibiscus.The Lime butterfly is a beauty.