Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day/June

Welcome to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! We're getting a little
respite from the heat as the rains are here. Much more than
colour, it's the fragrance of summer which comes to mind when
I think of the garden. Contributing to all that heavenly
aroma are--the Rangoon Creeper, the Night-blooming Jasmine,
and the pink jasmine. I have not included a photo of the last
one as I'm waiting for more blooms to appear. And from across
the wall, from my neighbour's garden, comes the heady smell of
frangipani blooms. A very fragrant June indeed!

A mix of colour here with sunflowers and two kinds of
Pentas in the background. The deep red at the back is
a constant here. You've guessed it, the Ixora.

Rain lilies in two more colours.

Adding a bright summer touch is this lantana-like plant
called Copper Leaf/Chrysothemis pulchella. It's a prolific
bloomer and is common in many gardens in these parts.

Another summer bloomer and a no-fuss/your-soil-is-good-enough
plant is this orange daylily. That orange perks me up!

A trailing plant with bright yellow daisy-like flowers.
Another no-maintenance, easy-to-grow [with invasive

A variety of Oxalis I added a few months ago.

The only variety of Anthurium that I grow in pots. I love
the colour!

Peachy-pink Mussaenda in a large pot.

Not a bloom but the tender leaves of the Ficus are as
pretty as fresh blooms. I couldn't quite capture that
delicious pink!

The blooms of the Rangoon Creeper are amazing. When the
flowers open up they're white, then they turn to pink and
finally to a deep red before they wilt. Add to that the
fragrance. Ah, heady!'s the first time I'm growing it. It's invasive
(thanks karrita, for telling me) so I'll have to keep a
check on this.

The night-blooming jasmine has more blooms now. But the
best part is getting a delicious whiff of it when my mind
is occupied with other mundanities.... And that's a won-
derful feeling!

Lavender flowers---I don't know what this is called. It's
been blooming for the past month. I'll be happy if anyone
can tell me its name.

With the rains there's fungi sprouting in nooks and crannies.
These perfectly shaped ones were what I found in a pot, under
a tangled mass of purple ornamental sweet potato.

I hope you've enjoyed going through the list of my June
blooms. For more GBBD posts, please visit Carol at
May Dreams Gardens. Thank you Carol for hosting GBBD.


Darla said...

You have very nice blooms in your gardens. I bet the fragrance in the air is divine.

Frances said...

Hi Kanak, I love your description of the many fragrances in your garden, even in the rainy season. Our rainy season is in winter, not much fragrance to be enjoyed then here. Your rangoon creeper sounds like the most wonderful of plants, changing colors and smelling sweetly. Happy Bloom Day!

Randy Emmitt said...


Enjoyed these very much. Your talk of these fragrances really gets me. Saturday I was just about knocked out by a huge Magnolia Grandifolia's aroma, it had maybe 100 huge blooms on it.

tina said...

I can imagine the great scents in your garden! What an awesome shot of the dragonfly and the mussaenda is something else. I grow the night blooming jasmine here. Not too showy but a fun plant nonetheless. It's neat to see the same plants around the world!

Anonymous said...

Oh I can just imagine the heady scent of your garden as you step into it. :) Such vibrant blooms, your garden screams hooray for summer! :)

islandgal246 said...

Kanak wow soo many of the same plants we share. I love the rangoon creeper or quiscalis and have been pondering whether to get it or not. They can be very invasive so that is why I have been hesitating. Those day liles are beautiful. That creeping yellow daisy I found growing wild in the fields. They can be very invasive. That ruellia dosen't seem as invasive as the tall ones , I really hate that plant LOL.
The rain lilies are adorable. I love your sun flowers and the pentas just add that extra bit of colour.The episcia or copper leaf has over 500 species and are so easy to propagate. The purple flower I know it as shooting star, they like partial shade. The night blooming jasmine we call it the lady of the night here. Can I come over to tour your garden?

Shailaja said...

I enjoyed my virtual walk thro' your colourful garden! I am very encouraged by your description of the orange daylily as a 'no-fuss/your-soil-is-good-enough plant.' Mine hasn't ever flowered since I planted it 6 years ago :)

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Such beautiful bloomers! I especially love that red rangoon creeper!

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday, but I think I directed you to the wrong one. My blog wth pics of my bloomers is here >>>

Thanks for sharing all your pretty flowers! Becky

Anonymous said...

Hi Kanak, You have the most lovely blooms. Some I am familiar with, others are completely new to me. What fun to see all that you have and I can imagine the fragrance is splendid. Enjoy!

NatureStop said...

Kanak,your garden must be looking so beautiful and smelling great!Really liked the dragon fly shot with the Rangoon Creeper.Have seen Rangoon Creepers here too but due to the heat the pinks look so dull.
The Copper Leaf looks great too:)

Mama said...

Beautiful selection of blooms Kanak, your garden must look and smell wonderful, your sunflowers make me smile, happy Monday, Kathy.

Daphne said...

So many pretty blooms and so different from my garden. I wish we could grow jasmine here. I love the scent, but it is too cold.

Liisa said...

Oh Kanak, I could almost imagine walking through your beautiful garden. Jasmines are so wonderful, like heaven on earth. Your dragonfly shots are gorgeous!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you Darla. Yes, the evenings, especially.

Frances, loved reading your comment. The Rangoon creeper is a common plant in these parts.

Hi Randy, I can imagine how heavenly the smell of a 100 magnolia blooms might be!!

Tina---neat, yes! I've been visiting other GBBD posts and wow! The gardens, the ideas! But it is exciting to see the same bloom on the other side of the planet!

Racquel, love the way you put it...Yay!!

Helen, you're more than welcome!! I'm so glad you provided the names of the creeping yellow daisy and the shooting star. I've kept the latter in partial shade. Honestly, your knowledge of plants is amazing! Glad you liked the lilies. The Hindi word for the night jasmine translates into--the Queen of the Night.

Hi Shailaja, the newer bulbs are taking longer to bloom. With all that mush during the rainy season, I'm amazed that year after year, they still bloom their hearts out!

Becky, thank you for visiting again and for telling me...I was surprised as I didn't see "Floral Friday". I'll be there soon! And I'm glad to know that you enjoyed the blooms.

Mildred, I suppose reading about fragrances does that to you:) I remember imagining the smell of mountain laurel when you'd posted about it. It did cross my mind several times...

NatureStop, another good thing about the Rangoon is that it blooms for months at a stretch. Glad to read your comment about the dragonfly.

Kathy...hi! Thank you so much! Will be at yours soon!

Daphne, so happy to see your comment. Thank you for stopping by.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Liisa, your comment came in just as I was responding to the previous ones. Thank you so much--for stopping by--for your kind words!

Prospero said...

The Chrysothemis pulchella is pretty. Do you grow any Anthurium in your garden beds? The Mussaenda and the Quiisqualis are exceptional.

Carol said...

Kanak I have just discovered your site from GBBD at Carol's. Wow I am just blown away by your dragon fly photo!! Love the sunflowers and so many other beautiful flowers ... especially love what you say about the fragrance you inhale and how it transports you from the mundane. So universal! Great to have found you!

Susie said...

Kanak I always enjoy seeing new blooms/flowers. That Rangoon creeper is so neat looking and I really like thatMussaenda. That has a neat bloom.

I wish I could smell those fragrances. I bet it is lovely.

sweet bay said...

Love your shot of the dragonfly! Dragonflies are mostly golden browns, blues and greens here.

The Rangoon Creeper looks divine. I wish I could smell the fragrance!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Prospero, I only have them in pots. They do fine but the roots go berserk and the re-potting has to be done often. Glad to read your comment on the other blooms.

Hi Carol...thank you for your words, for stopping by...and for giving me an opportunity to know you/your blog. I'm fascinated by all the insects in my yard and there are many. Thank you once again...will see you soon.

Oh Susie, they're lovely indeed. The Mussaenda does not like mushy soil so I have to grow them in pots. But the Rangoon does not seem to mind all!

Sweet bay, thank you for your kind words...loved hearing from you.

Nicole said...

Love the first picture and the sunflowers. I can almost smell the heady fragrances with the rangoon creeper and cestrum. What a lot of blooms!

Dreamybee said...

I was just thinking about how I didn't get any pictures of my night-blooming jasmine, and then I clicked over to your blog, and there it is! Isn't the smell amazing?

I LOVE your orange lilies-so fiery! Nice dragonfly capture as well.

Curmudgeon said...

I wish blogs came with a "scratch and sniff" widget! LOL! That orange daylily is stunning. Beautiful GBBD post!

Sue said...

The sunflowers look like the teddy bear ones I've seen seeds for. Lovely blooms! That daylily looks tropical. I love it!