Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Dragonfly Days Of Summer

I really thought I'd seen them all, at least for this season.
Dragonflies in many hues have been regular visitors for the
past three months or so. I've photographed most of them too.
But yesterday, as I went to see whether there were any bees or
butterflies waiting for a photo-session, this vision of black
and white landed on the four o'clock plant.(Not the same as
the one in my last post--this four o'clock has dark pink blooms).

Honestly, this is the first time I've seen these colours on a
dragonfly. Googling, I found out that this one is named-----
Neurothemis tulia.

These are the only two shots I got before it flew away. I
hope I get to see it again!

One good thing about dragonflies, or butterflies for that matter,
is that once they get used to your presence, they simply remain
where they are. This red grasshawk (I think!) kept staring at me
as I clicked away. I was so glad I didn't have to zoom while
taking the shots.

Another first time sight! The Trithemis aurora is a pink-bodied
dragonfly and very beautiful. This photo was taken in April.

Discovered this tiny blue one as I was adding manure to the soil.

There are many damselflies in my yard. At times they land on
my arm as I do the weeding but the moment they discover that I
don't belong to the kingdom "Plantae", they quickly fly away!!!
Found a mating pair yesterday. I'm glad that there will be more
of these beautiful insects flying around my garden.

I wish all my blogger friends and visitors- a wonderful Sunday!


Carol said...

Wonderful creatures! Love the variety you have there. It is great how you can get so close!

NatureStop said...

Your garden is full of thses colourful I know where they have been hiding.No wonder we don't see them here:)Beautiful shots!


islandgal246 said...

Kanak you have the most amazing species of dragon flies in your garden. I have never seen that many in such beautiful colours in my life. Thank you for enlightening us.

Anonymous said...

I never knew such beautiful colors existed on dragonflies. Thanks so much for sharing these remarkable photographs Kanak. It must be delightful to go out in the garden and find these surprises! Have a great day friend.

Randy Emmitt said...

The first one resembles our Widow Skimmer and the small one looks like our Little Blue Dragonlet. Both must be cousins. Wonderful posting.

tina said...

You have so many types of these beautiful creatures. I am glad you are showcasing them too as I now look at them more like butterflies. It helps they are beneficial too. That red one is like wow!

Anonymous said...

amazing varieties of dragonfly, we get very few in ireland, i can only remember seeing them a few times

Stephanie said...

It is so amazing to see so many different types/colours of dragonflies. I have seen them before. They are not afraid of you? seriously? Wow! And very good shots you have here. Have a restful evening yeah!

easygardener said...

What a lovely selection of colours. They are very beautiful insects - and so obliging of them to sit still for you!

Susie said...

Kanak I don't know how you get so close to them. They fly away as fast as possible if I even think of going near them. I enjoyed your photos much. That pink one is a beauty.

Prospero said...

Kanak, really amazing pictures. What remarkable details.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Thank you all for your comments...loved hearing from you!

Mama said...

Your dragonfly photos are stunning Kanak, I love seeing them, the red one and the new black visitors to your garden are incredible, Kathy.

Sue said...

Yes, your photos are stunning. I wonder how many kinds of dragonflies we have in the U.S. I'm just excited when I see one. I haven't this year yet, but have in our yard, because Larry has a water garden in a tub.

Thank you for posting these!