Friday, June 19, 2009

Blooming Friday/ Orchids From The Jungle

Forgive me for not knowing the names of these orchids in
today's Blooming Friday post. These pale blooms looked
like a bunch of inverted commas while budding.

Some of the blooms have faded but there are winged visitors
every single day. Although Blooming Friday is all about what's
blooming on this particular day, I've included the other
orchids not in bloom now, but to give you an idea of the kinds
of orchids found in the jungles of north-eastern India.

From a train window, I took this photo as we trundled through
bridges and tunnels, bamboo forests and a sea of trees. If you
click on this photo you'll see epiphytes on one of the trees.
In the months of April to June, with many of the epiphytes in
bloom, it is a common sight to see flashes of cream, yellow
or different shades of purple on tree-tops.

Below, are some of the orchids from the jungle. These were sold
at the weekly market in the town where I grew up. Many are sold
when they are in bloom. I've recently added these to my collection.

These are from the mango tree in my parents' garden. I got
a clump from here too. And I'm eagerly looking forward to
the day when these beauties will bloom again.

Thank you for visiting. If you'd like to see more Blooming
Friday posts, please visit Katarina at Roses and Stuff.


Anonymous said...

How very pretty Kanak! Thanks for sharing these with us. Wishing you and your family a nice weekend.

tina said...

Such pretty plants and so many! Looks like a lovely time of year in your area of India.

Carla said...

This is the stuff I daydream of!!! What beauty-enjoy it for me:)

@nemonen said...

They are lovely. I love orchids. Very romantic flowers and the photos is so nice.

islandgal246 said...

Oh beautiful and precious those orchids are. They bring such joy with their beautiful blooms. I love taking the train when am traveling in large countries...we are too small to have trains. The beautiful places trains pass through gives us a fleeting glimpse of what beauty they have hidden within.

Prospero said...

Hi Kanak. The highlight for me was the shot you took from the train. I just love to see those epiphytes, high in the treetops).

I'm also jealous of your Mango trees and the plethora of native orchids in your beautiful country.

Susie said...

Kanak what an imagination you have. Inverted commas are the perfect description for that beautiful bloom. Hope you have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

Hello Kanak, I love wild orchids. They survive very well by themselves. I am going to a highland place this weekend. I look forward to seeing some of those orchids there. And it is so wonderful that this morning I see these wild orchids here even before I set off! Have a great weekend yourself :-D

Wendy said...

All those beauties! Your orchids are gorgeous! Reminds me of being in Hawaii. Have you ever been? It's an awesome tropical paradise where petals scatter all over the streets and lawns.

Chandramouli S said...

Lovely! Somehow, blooms in wild seem to grow extra beautiful and extra big!

Roses and stuff said...

'Wild orchids' - how fortunate you are to have those beauties in your area! Those are the kind of flowers that I dream of...they're so exquisite!
Happy midsummer!

HelenJ said...

Names or no names - they are beautiful anyway!

NatureStop said...

What beautiful orchids!!The inverted commas are lovely and so are the wild ones.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Mildred, wish you the same too!

Tina/Carla, that's right. I wish I could spend more time photographing these blooms.

@nemonen, thank you for stopping by.

Helen, sorry I wasn't all that active these past two commitments so I couldn't visit you. But will soon do so. I took the train after several years. Mostly we travel by road. I could barely sit as I went berserk with the camera, even trying to capture impossible sights! There's a jungle of orchids, wild ipomoea and sunflowers out there!

Prospero, thank you so much!! I'd love to post more on the flora of my region, a part of India that the world knows little about. I'm so glad glad to read your comment.

Thanks Susie. I thought the shapes of the buds were unusual and that was the thought which came to mind:) Wish you a great weekend too!

Steph, that sounds lovely!! It'd be lovely to see wild orchids from the highlands. have a great trip!

Oh Wendy. I wish I could say "Yes!" But I have only seen two of our neighbouring countries so far! Sigh! But wow, petals scattering over streets and lawns sounds magical!

Chandramouli, glad to see again. That's true. And thanks for the comment.

Katarina, thanks. Yes, fortunate indeed. And I'm so glad I could use this forum/Blooming Friday to show flora from my region. Happy Midsummer to you too!!

HelenJ, thanks for stopping by!

NatureStop, so glad to read your words!

walk2write said...

Orchids always remind me of Mother's Day and prom-time. We don't have any orchids growing wild in this part of Florida, but other epiphytes do. Somehow, though, Spanish moss or mistletoe aren't head-turners like your orchids. You have so many beauties to enjoy, Kanak!

sweet bay said...

Lovely orchids! I especially like the one you got from your parents' garden.

Kanak Hagjer said...

W2W, I'm so glad you wrote what orchids remind you of. These beautiful blooms remind me of our Class teacher, Mother Bernard, way back in the 70s. One day we did a lesson with an orchid connection. And to show us the flowers, she took all of us to the school chapel where in a tall vase were the most exquisite flowers in the lightest shade of purple.

To this day, anything related to orchids or the word itself brings back that image, an image forever etched in my memory. The sanctity of the chapel, the bright sunny day, the joyful feeling of being outside the classroom at that's still so vivid!

We were also told that the man who brought the blooms from the jungle was attacked by a bear and that his face was badly injured. It is indeed ironical that in these present times, it's not animals but armed militants who stalk our beautiful jungles.

Sweet bay, that happens to be my favourite too! Thanks for stopping by.

Sunita said...

Ooooh... lovely! Kanak, you're really lucky to have such riches at your doorstep. What a great excuse to keep looking up :)
I think its high time I made a trip to Assam.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Sunita, you're more than welcome! Would LOVE to show you around!