Sunday, June 21, 2009

Close Encounters Of The Winged Kind!

This isn't the first time Mr. Rusty's here, but I
managed to get closer shots after that post--hence
three more photos.

Another blue-eyed bee came by and I could take only
two shots before it flew away.

A resident of my yard hard at work, boring its new home
on dead bamboo. Covered in bamboo shavings,this was the
only time I saw a messy-looking bee.

A moth I found resting on a tree bark at the local zoo

I had gone scouring the nurseries for more plants with
fragrant blooms. My final stop was Dreamflower nursery.
As I was looking around, I saw these butterflies on the

The Common birdwing is Asia's largest and most beautiful
butterfly. Also known as black and gold birdwing, these
butterflies are as big as (smaller)birds.

It was indeed wonderful to see that flash of black and
yellow fluttering over the Ixora. The pair was never still
which is why I couldn't get better pictures. But seeing
such a sight was indeed the highlight of the day!


Anonymous said...

Wow - you are showing us incredible photos today Kanak. I have never seen anything like the common birdwing. That is just breath-taking. That must have been a magical sight in person!

tina said...

Close encounters indeed. Those blue eyed and blue winged bees are so colorful and neat. Great shot of the bee boring into the bamboo. What a great day to top it all off with such a pretty butterfly.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Amazing photos, and I am kind of glad that we don't have anything like that here. Nice to see, but don't want it in my back yard kind of thing.


Prospero said...

I'm glad that Mr Rusty and all the insects round your place get some respect. That butterfly is beautiful. You caught it so well in the second shot. Very well done.

Sue said...

Wow, those are amazing photos! I am afraid I am going to have problems getting insect photos with the camera I got in the winter. It doesn't like any movement in macro, and the zoom doesn't like to focus on small things.

The butterflies were fun, too. Did you find any fragrant flowers to add to your garden?

NatureStop said...

Amazing shots of Mr.Rusty.The birdwing is beautiful.We hardly get to see butterflies here except for that one day when we saw the Painted Ladies.Haven't seen them again:(

Kanak Hagjer said...

Mildred, oh it was. And i didn't think I'd post again so soon. but the birdwings made me:-)

Tina, this is the second time only that I saw the birdwing. I hope I'll get them to sit still some day!!

Hi Jen, I used to be rather wary of bees and wasps before, but with so many of them whizzing past my nose, my ears, my head- every single day, I'm used to that now. Thank you for stopping by.

Prospero, I'm giving myself quality insect time now:) Simply love to be near them. So glad to read your comment.

Hi Sue, my zoom on the Sony (I used it for these photos) isn't all that great either. I prefer to get really close to all the insects that I photograph. The zoom was used only for the butterflies because the area was muddy due to rain.
About the flowers--oh I did! One is the Magnolia Champaca known as Champa in India, and the other-- the Orange jasmine. Very fragrant.

Ruby/Arun, thanks. I hope you do get to see more butterflies later because I love your shots! The Painted Ladies were beautiful!

islandgal246 said...

Kanak you are really good to be able to take photos of these small creatures. What camera are you using? Another thing I am not pleased with is that you went to a plant nursery and did not take us along ......SOB..... I want to see inside the nursery...sob sob. I want to dream a bit about the plants I can't have LOL. So take us along the next time you go plant buying LOL.

islandgal246 said...

OOps I forgot to wish everyone a happy Pappa's day!

Susie said...

Where you live is so full of color Kanak. That blue eyed bee is a first for me. Love the last picture showing the butterfly.

Sunita said...

What a bonus! You get plants and butterflies too :)
That birdwing looks gorgeous! I dont think I've seen any in this area. And Mr. Rusty ... I love that lacy texture of his wings.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Helen....don't take it so hard...LOL!!! The reason I didn't include nursery views was because they didn't look all that spectacular. So unlike those fabulous look of our winters! Crotons, hibs and the usual tropical plants were in all the nurseries. But I promise I'll include them when I visit again.

I use a SONY DSC-T500. And I hope you had a wonderful Father's day too. Next time, I promise not to make you cry!!!!

Susie, I've seen them only three times but I hope it isn't the last. Glad to read your comment.

Hi Sunita! They're not such a common sight here too. But the surrounding wooded areas of the city must be having tons of them. I'd love go again just so I can shoot them. Transparent wings are beautiful too but coloured ones like Mr. Rusty's have a zillion criss-cross patterns on them.

Stephanie said...

Hi Kanak! I just got back. Yes I did find some wild orchids from the highlands. Btw, that blue bee look very much like a giant fly. And, I hope that it is not dangerous. Mr Rusty is nice looking (the colours!).

Kanak Hagjer said...

Steph! Welcome back! Really eager to see the orchids you got.
The big bee is ok. It was here only for a short while but I hope to see it again! Glad you like Mr.Rusty too!:)