Friday, June 26, 2009

All Whites And Pinks This Blooming Friday

Welcome to another Blooming Friday. First on the list is a
fragrant bloom called Champa/Magnolia champaca. A recent
addition, I have yet to transfer it to the ground.

Fragrance again, and very refreshing too! The Orange Jasmine/
Murraya paniculata will soon be filled with tiny red fruit.

The common Crape Myrtle--a first for me.

This hot pink Penta has been blooming for some time. It's a
favourite of many kinds of bees.

Another pink penta in a lighter shade of pink is
also beginning to put on a show.

And my ever-faithful four o'clock continues to amaze me
with what hues nature can come up with. Almost every bloom
has different patterns but the colours are only two--pink
and white.

I hope you enjoyed going through these pictures. For more
Blooming Friday posts please visit Katarina at Roses and Stuff.


Stephanie said...

Kanak, the blooms are all so beautiful! Your garden is so wonderful. The highlands do give me a lot of wonderful memories... the flowers are all so pretty. I think your place is almost the same except that you have even more beautiful plants in the natural environment (as gathered from reading your blog). Btw, I am glad you like my photos. Remember to enjoy your weekend!

Anette said...

I loved your pictures! I wish I could feel the fragance also! /Anette

Gururaj said...

Champa and jasmine are nostalgic! Wishing I can get hold of them! The champa you have is different from Frangipani (Plumeria) right?

Kanak Hagjer said...

Steph! Thank you so much! I have to tell you that my garden is small---a strip here and a strip there!! So I have to grow many plants in pots.

Wildflowers are found in profusion in the place where I grew up, a place called Haflong. There aren't too many wild blooms where I live. Oh, but I did pull out some yellow four o'clocks from the roadside the other day:) Can't wait to see them bloom.

About the weekend, I surely will! Enjoy!

Anette, thank you so much! I'm planning to add many fragrant blooms to my collection. Happy day!

Hi Gururaj, welcome!! Oh yes, this is different from frangipani. Champa is the same as the one extolled by Rabindranath Tagore and Sarojini Naidu.
Thank you for stopping by.

Arboarkticum said...

How lovely pictures - and so exciting and exotic to see for us in remote and cold Sweden! Thankyou so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

How lovely Kanak. My favorite has to be the four o' clock. I have very good success with crape myrtles here. We have several in different colors. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

HelenJ said...

Wonderful photos as always (and most of them with a little insect also...). But the last flower was the most amazing one. It is just lovely!

Mia said...

Myrtles, the flower I had in my weddingcrown! All these plants have to be placed inside my house if they should stand a chance at all. They look really lovely, pink and white are so romantic. Have a nice weekend.

foto CHIP said...

Lovely flowers and nice with the visitors :)

Carla said...

What an interesting Magnolia, and Jasmine. I so love crepe myrtles, and pentas (saw some purple ones last week), reliable 4oclocks and your garden visiters:) Such beauty:)

tina said...

Lovely blooms. May I ask why the crepe is a first for you? Is the the first time you've grown it? It is a favored small tree here.

Carol said...

I am drooling over your Orange Jasmine ... wish we could somehow record the fragrance! Lovely! I love the movement of the petals you captured in the photo too.

Susie said...

I enjoyed your blooms much Kanak. I wish I could smell those fragrances. They sound lovely.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

@nemonen said...

I love the white Magnolia. Lovely photos.

NatureFootstep Photo said...

the magnolia and the Myrtle is flowers I would love to see more of. Strange shape on both.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Arboarkticum, isn't that the best part about blogging? Getting to see blooms/views so different from one's own? I feel the same when I visit blogs from your beautiful part of the world.

Mildred, thanks. Although I have added other colours (some are yet to bloom), this happens to be my favourite too.

Helen, thank you so much! Can't resist photographing the insects!!

Mia, how wonderful to read about the crape myrtle in your wedding crown! Thank you for your comment...loved to read it!

foto CHIP, thank you for stopping by.

Carla, glad you liked the blooms! 'Reliable' is a good word for the four o'clocks. They seem to be a garden staple in most places.

Tina, there's no place for (more)trees in my yard. For years I'd thought about the C.myrtles and fought temptation. But this year I simply went ahead. Seeing them in so many blogs and all across the city was too much for me!! Have space, will plant. Never mind if the said space is about a few inches wide only!!!

Carol, thank you so much! The Orange Jasmine is indeed wonderful.

Susie, I'm so glad to read your comment. This summer, fragrance has ruled my life!

@nemonen, thank you for stopping by.

NatureFootstep Photo, hope to do that. It's just that the plant was bought from the nursery and it had one bloom only. Will surely post and let you know when the blooms appear again. Thank you for stopping by.

Esther Montgomery said...

Do flowers where you are go in colour seasons or is the pink of this post because you have chosen these particular colours for your garden?

By the way, I hope the mention on today's (26th June) Esther's Boring Garden Blog is ok. If not, let me know and I'll change it.


NatureStop said...

Love the pinka nd white blooms in your garden.Beautiful and actually refreshing.The Crape Myrtle and the four o'clock are my fav.


birdy said...

again very very informative post.All the flowers are awesome, however I liked the pink four o'clock very much. Your blog is of great value for me. Hopefully it will resolve my identification problem. I added your blog.

Titania said...

White and pink always favourites in the garden. Love to see the scented "Aussi" Murraya, they usually scent the whole garden. Pentas are such wonderful staples in the garden, do you get also seedlings with different colours?
Magnolias, I must say do not that well in my garden, only the Bull Bay Magnolia flowers well with its saucer like, scented flowers. I like your soft pink four o clock.

sweet bay said...

Love the strappy petals of the Magnolia. I bet that Orange Jasmine smells good!

Great captures of the insects feeding on the Pentas.

Prospero said...

Kanak, these are all beautiful.

Is the plant called Michelia champaca
the same as Champaca?

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Esther, that's perfectly all right. I LOVED it!! Please don't change anything!

As for the blooms, it's coincidental. I normally pick what I don't have in my garden. The colour theme came about because they happened to be blooming at the same time!!

NatureStop, glad to know that. The soft pinks does draw you....

Birdy, thank you do much for all your kind words. You take amazing photos and provide a lot of details---I'm honoured. So glad to see you here again.

Thanks Trudi, I have never planted pentas from seeds. I buy tiny plants and grow them. I don't know how this variety of magnolia will do in my garden. The fragrance was too tempting! Glad to raed your comment about the four o'clock.

Sweet bay, thank you for stopping by. The Orange jasmine is wonderful!

Thanks Prospero. According to that's another synonym of the same champa. Happy gardening!

Padma said...

These champas are called China Sampige in Bangalore.

Roses and stuff said...

Kanak, you have the loveliest blooms - and I also like the way you capture both flowers and insects! Thanks for taking part in Blooming Friday!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Hi Padma, thank you for stopping by. Glad to read your comment.

Hi Katarina, it feels so good to be able to show blooms from my part of the world. It's as much as the pleasure I get in reading about your blooms and of the other participants all across the globe. Have a wonderful Sunday!

joey said...

Thanks to your creative eye, you have shared stunning pink/white summer blooms, Kanak.