Friday, June 12, 2009

Blooming Friday/ My First!

I'm joining Katarina's "Blooming Friday" and this is my first.
Today's bloom is the red Hibiscus. The Hibiscus is a fixture
in many gardens here. They come in so many colours although
I have only four kinds. Two are in pots and two on the ground
No space! No space!!

The blooms are eye-catching not only because of the colour
but they are double-petalled. The shrub tends to grow tall
so I need to prune it from time to time.

The mother plant used to be a prolific bloomer but it died
due to water-logging. A branch from that plant was planted
here and it's doing well. As for the blooms, I hope they
keep on increasing (with age).

And look who's hanging out here:)

This variety (from my mother's garden) is more commonly
found in gardens in our region.
For more Blooming Friday posts, please visit Katarina.
Thank you Katarina for hosting Blooming Friday.


Linda Lunda said...

OOhhhh I Love those hibiscus that you can grow in Asia!!!
They are so beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Double-petalled hibiscus... those red blooms are beautiful! they are also not so common here. Yeah, many house have that variety from your mother's garden and they come in several colours. This red one is our national (Malaysia) flower. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend ;-)

Anette said...

Lovely! I can only grow hibiscus indoors here. /Anette

NatureStop said...

What a lovely red bloom and great shots.Happy Blooming Friday!!

Karen said...

Wow, what fancy flowers! I have enjoyed seeing a variety of hibiscus blooms when visiting Hawaii, and also love the way their petals are dried and used in drinks from Mexico. Do you harvest and dry yours or are there only certain varieties that are suitable for that? Happy Blooming Friday!

Lillebeth said...

That really was something. So beautifull, such a colour!

andré said...

Nice! You make us envy with your outdoor-Hibiscuses..! :-)

Mia said...

Space is a shortage everywhere as I can see. Hibiscus in my garden - in my dream perhaps. By me, it belongs indoors by my windowframe.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Ah Hibiscus! This is my 'soulmate' among the blooms Kanak, thank you.

I wish you a happy weekend my friend/ xoxo Tyra

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such pretty photos of your hibiscus Kanak. Wishing you a happy weekend.

HelenJ said...

I wish we could grow hibiscuses like those outdoors here too. We have to put them insode for the winter, and the summer is too short (and cold) for them too grow and bloom like yours. That's sad, because I think it's one of the most beautiful flowers. The first one you show, tha dark red, is outstanding!
Thank you for sharing!

Prospero said...

Lovely color and the petals are so frilly. It's certainly a double, and so abundantly full.

Susie said...

That hibiscus is beautiful Kanak! My perennial pink hibiscus is beginning to bloom too. Hope you have a great weekend!

tina said...

Those hibiscus look like roses! What beauty!

Maria said...

What a lovely red flower.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Linda, thank you so much!

Stephanie, great choice for the national flower, I must say. Wish you a great weekend too!

Anette, I didn't realise they were grown indoors. Thank you so much for stopping by.

NatureStop, thank you so much!

Karen, the drink isn't very popular here. It's more popular in the southern part of the country. Many people like to use the leaves and the blooms for hair care. They're made into a paste and applied to the head. After leaving the paste on, for about twenty minutes, it's washed. Hair's clean, smooth and silky. Is this beginning to sound like an ad?!!!

Lillebeth and Andre, thank you so much!

Mia, a window sill hibiscus is a new thing to me. Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks Tyra. Wish you a wonderful weekend too!

Mildred, thanks. Wish you and Nalley a lovely weekend. Porch lunch maybe, with the rush of water from the creek.....!

Hi Helen, the first one is the bud of the same hibiscus. All the buds look darker than the fully open blooms. Thanks for stopping by.

Prospero, they do remind you of roses, don't they?

Susie, I remember your hibiscus, very pretty! Have a great weekend too!

Tina, thank you so much! Glad to read your comment.

Maria, thank you for stopping by.

Roses and stuff said...

Kanak, Thank you for joining Blooming Friday - it's a pleasure to fi nd you here!
Your double petalled Hibiscus is stunning - I can imagine how great it must be to have it in your garden.
Enjoy your weekend!

Carla said...

We call these 'tropical' because they are not hardy here. They do over winter inside though, and are very common in gardens. We are just starting to get really fancy colored blooms. LOVE the draping double red-wow!!!

Aerie-el said...

Beautiful blooms - they are definite 'wow' factors in the garden!
Have a great weekend!

sweet bay said...

Beautiful hibiscus -- I love the photo of the red dragonfly in your header too.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Katarina, the pleasure is mine. I'm glad to show blooms which are common around these parts. And to visit other participants. I didn't know that the hibiscus was grown indoors till now. Wish you a great weekend too!

Carla, I know, after reading many blogs, that you grow many similar plants. But the difference is the winter...moving them indoors. The colours are amazing, aren't they?

Aerie-el, thanks for stopping by. Wish you the same too!

Sweet bay, thank you so much! happy you mentioned the header too! :-)

NatureFootstep Photo said...

such a delightful flower. And well photographed. :)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous bloomer! I love the double petals and that color is a striking shade of red.

Kanak Hagjer said...

NatureFootstep Photo, thank you for stopping by.

Hi Racquel, that shade happens to be one of my favourites too!

Life At Camellia Cottage said...

I found you through your post on Nalley Valley, and I'm so glad I followed you back here! If you visit my blog, you'll see I love flowers and gardening, too. I do a regular post called "Floral Friday". I'll be back! Becky G.

Wendy said...

I love hibs!!! I've even joined the Canadian Hibiscus Society - an online group, where we post messages, pics, tips on growing, etc.

Your double petal hibs are scrumptions! That deep red is awesome. I still have my mother's hibiscus in a huge pot. I have to put it in the garage to over-winter or it will freeze.
Happy gardening!

Sue said...

I love that hibiscus, too! I participated in this for the first time this week.