Tuesday, May 20, 2008

String 'em beans!

Years ago I saw pictures in a gardening book
about how using string and stakes would be
beneficial in small gardens. At that time we
were living in a house with a biggish garden
and the thought of such innovation was, beyond
me. But look at me now. Good old string coming
to the rescue! Never mind that it looks as if
it isn't going to last. Looks can be deceptive,
Traditionally, this variety of broad bean is
sown in late July, in the north-eastern part
of the country. But one stray seed must've got
deeply embedded in the soil. In the process of
repotting or loosening ( I really can't say ),
the seed must've sighed with relief and got
down to germinating. Sprouting leaves, stem,
and now, tendrils going every which way- where
would I be without the help of sturdy string?
Beans on the table, that too, home-grown. At
the end of the year when I look back, I'll
surely be able to say, 'It's bean a good year!'

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Barbee' said...


I am enjoying your writing very much. Very nice photographs, too. I like learning about your food (and plants in your garden, too).