Saturday, May 31, 2008

Flowering tree of summer: Laburnum

Woke up this morning to see water, water
everywhere. Thankfully, the sun shone, so
the drying up did not take all that long.
The temperature hasn't come down; max 34
degrees Celsius with 75% relative humidity
(groan!). Despite the slush, there's some-
thing to keep the spirits soaring--the
flowering trees of summer. The hill on the
opposite side of our house is dotted with
red and yellow blooms. Throughout autumn
and winter it isn't worth a second glance.
Come May , and the first signs of resurrec-
tion cannot be missed.
This photo is one that I took this morning
but not from the hill I mentioned.This was
taken at Zoo-Narengi Road. Laburnum.:
Wouldn't anyone LOVE this yellow?

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