Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Li'l white blossom

While taking a picture of the day lilies,
I saw this pretty blossom under the hi-
biscus shrub. As a child, I remember my
mother telling me that these plants grow
in moist soil. And we had these only in
one part of the garden but here they seem
to spring up everywhere. One can imagine
what quality of soil my plot has. In my
region, the north-eastern part of India,
this herb grows wild. The smell is pungent
but when steamed, the smell gets milder. In
my mother tongue it is called "rats' ears".
Although it is a common plant, there's some-
thing special about coming across the first
blossom of the year. It looked as if it was
trying to get a better view of blue infinity
and saying, 'Isn't life beautiful?'

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