Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The promise of a future!

There's something wonderful about waking
up to a vegetable bloom like this pumpkin
flower on my bamboo grove. It definitely
puts the zing into my morning. By tomorrow,
or by noon, it will have wilted, leaving no
trace of having once been connected with any-
thing floral. It'll be reduced to either
a blob or mass, depending on the weather
before it gently lands on the ground.
But no matter how short-lived, vegetable
blooms fill me with joy. Other flowers
burst into song and fade away but vegetable
blooms signify fecundity and the promise
of a future!

1 comment:

Esther Montgomery said...

Me too!

Vegetable blooms ultimately hold so much promise.

First you get the flower.

Then you have the pleasure of watching the vegetable develop.

Then there is the eating!

Months and months of anticipation and enjoyment.

(As long as they've set, of course. If they don't, the disappointment can be severe!

Esther Montgomery