Thursday, May 15, 2008

Half a pumpkin

While on to pumpkins, I committed the cardinal
sin of not taking a picture of this home-grown
one before I cut it into half. I suppose growing
vegetables in the confines of small spaces brings
out an exaggerated sense of achievement. Which is
why the picture part completely slipped out of my
mind. Posting the one taken later, halved. The


Rhonda said...

I think it's cute...shame on you for not taking a pic before you halved the thing..LOL I'm so jealous that you have pumpkins in May.

Esther Montgomery said...

Well, I like the shape.

And - the exterior of one pumpkin looks much like another.

And - close to Thanksgiving, the blogs are full of field upon field of pumpkins - which all look very jolly - but its nice to have a change!

I like this one!

Esther Montgomery

P.S. So glad you like ESTHER IN THE GARDEN