Thursday, October 8, 2009

We Stayed Here!

In the afternoon we headed towards Shillong and the guest house.
Named "The Summit", it stood on a vantage point with a lovely view
of the city. Or at least, part of the city. But the sight that greeted
us as we entered the gate were these orchids! An entire tree was
covered with these amazing blooms.

The garden was such a delight! Here you can see the owner's house.
The guest house is on the left...not in the picture.

A bunch of hydrangeas drying in the afternoon sun.

A whole row of budding mums and orchids. The front portion of the
guest house can be seen here.

View from the balcony of our room. We had a good view of the kitchen
garden where many butterflies flitted about. There were newly planted
carrots and onions, bitter-gourd and chives (below) in full bloom.

Beautiful speckled canna. I'm bad with names!!! More views from the
garden....I hope you enjoy going through them. I also took a walk in
the neighbourhood and peeked into peoples' gardens:-) That was fun!

These blooms were growing on the wall along with the creepers. I
hope someone will be able to come up with names. I really do not have
a clue as I've never seen them before. But isn't the colour amazing?!


islandgal246 said...

What a feast for the eyes! Kanak I can well imagine how you felt when you approached the garden. Bliss pure bliss for me to read.

Stephanie said...

This is such a wonderful place to be! Very beautiful and the garden is lovely. I hope the food there taste great too :-) Looks like cold in the night. But the sunshine during the day seen here is really a blessing.

recipes for the life said...

Orchids! I love them! Beautiful garden. And what a view! Astounding.

Carol said...

Those orchids in your first photograph are amazingly beautiful hanging down from the tree. Gorgeous... what a delightful greeting! Hope you had a lovely vacation. Carol

Susie said...

Kanak this place is so pretty. You must of had such a great time. Those orchids are lovely and the bonsai are really neat. Wish I could do that.

I think your last blooms are Mimulus, but not sure.

tina said...

A beautiful place indeed. I love that purple flower and can imagine a tree covered with them.

Green thumb said...

I had heard that Shillong is beautiful, but through your camera it is way above my expectations. The view through your guest house Balcony is lovely.
I have no clue of the ID of that creeper. I guess, I am worse with names.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kanak for sharing this beautiful photos. The orchids are amazing and I don't know what that last bloom is but the color is gorgeous! The view from your balcony is amazing and I bet it was fun to see the kitchen garden with the butterflies. What a lovely place to get out and enjoy the sights.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Helen, with a view like that I only needed the camera. oh, I was drunk on all that beauty!!

Steph, the evening was very pleasant. And a little cold too. Two friends came over in the evening and we sat in the balcony...a full moon night...a nip in the was pleasant all right!

Chaitra, I'm glad I could post the orchid pics. There were some more in the last stages of bloom but these were the most stunning!

Thanks Carol. Oh I did have a very good break! And to be in a garden like that is wonderful!

Susie, I did check out Mimulus. Learned something new today...never heard about them before. Not too sure whether it's the same though. These were growing on the wall in the midst of the creeper ( a different plant).

Tina, good idea to grow/tie the same variety on one tree. From a distance it did look like the tree had its own blooms and not ephiphytic ones.

GT, some areas aren't all that attractive but that's the case with so many of our cities. But the greenery, especially the pine trees, look beautiful. Most houses are made of pinewood and unlike the plains, I think it's easier to garden in that kind of climate:)

We go there about twice a year. I'll never tire of a trip to Shillong. There are many places in and around the city waiting to be enjoyed/discovered.

Mildred, the butterflies were the Striped Albatross and it felt good to see them:) I loved my early morning walk. got to enjoy much more than what I've posted. glad to read your words!

sweet bay said...

The tree full of orchids is absolutely amazing -- how beautiful!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Kanak, oh, how beautiful. Just love the lavender orchids and the beautiful orange hibiscus

Kanak Hagjer said...

Sweet bay/Lona, thank you so much!

lotusleaf said...

Very beautful wild flowers, Kanak.I liked the cascading orchids. Assam and Meghalaya are the birthplaces of begonias and orchids. You must have had a wonderful holiday. Look forward to more flower pictures.

Prospero said...

Orchids dangling tantalizingly from trees, my gosh, what a paradise.

azplantlady said...

What beautiful orchids. I am glad you had your camera with you so you could share your photos with all of us.