Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Khasi Pine

The Khasi Pine/pinus kesiya is one of the most distributed pines in
Asia. Its range extends from south and east of Khasi hills in the
state of Meghalaya from where it got its name, to northern Thailand,
Burma, Laos, southernmost China, and the Philippines.

The tree is also known as the Three-needled pine and Benguet pine (from
Benguet, in the province of Luzon, in the Philippines).

This species grows at elevations of 900 to 1800 mtrs and is one of
the fastest growing trees of the region. The tree reaches to a height
of 30-35 m and has a straight cylindrical trunk. The brown bark is
thick, with longitudinal fissures. The leaves are needle-like and the
cones, ovoid. The cones are 5 to 9 cms long.

The wood from the Khasi Pine is soft and light and is intensely used
for timber. It is also used for making boxes, paper pulp and temporary
electric poles.

( All facts taken from Wiki)

These photographs were taken at the Umiam Lake, a popular tourist spot.
The lake is also known as Barapani, the literal translation means, Big
Water. People come here for the scenic beauty and the lake offers water-
sports facilities. Pine trees dot the banks of this lake.

The image of Shillong is synonymous with the image of pine trees.
A typical sight I captured as I walked around the vicinity of the
guest house we stayed in, was this....Isn't the Khasi Pine beautiful?


Urban Green said...

Lovely pictures and the pines are beautiful. I'd been to Shimla a couple of months back, and was totally taken by the pine cover...

Stephanie said...

Yes they are beautiful! These pines look soft but when touched then only you know that they are very solid. The scenery is breathtaking! It is really a wonderful place to be.

Anonymous said...

I do love pine trees, these may also grow here in Ireland as we have so many native and immigrant species growing wild. I think I have about 10 species in my gardens alone.

islandgal246 said...

Reminds me of an old Japanese painting. Those trees are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kanak, The pines are very impressive and beautiful around the perimeter of the lake. Wishing you joy this day!

recipes for the life said...

Yes! Beautiful and majestic. The lake looks beautiful too.

Randy Emmitt said...


These are very attractive trees no question! Enjoyed this post even if I'm from the land of Lobolly Pines.

Shailaja said...

The Khasi Pine looks so much like the Casuarina tree but more stately!

sweet bay said...

Gorgeous views! I love pine trees -- the picturesque aspect of these pines reminds me of some of the pines in North American, including our Loblolly Pine that grows in my area.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Beautiful trees with lovely scenery. I thought I have seen similar trees in Malaysia in the highlands. ~bangchik

Kanak Hagjer said...

UG, I haven't been to Shimla but I saw the pictures at my sister's when she was there last year. The pines!! Really beautiful!

Steph, thanks. Whenever we travel to Shillong, we look out for the change in vegetation. The question then, is--- can you see the pines?

Barry, wow...what a lovely sight that must be!!

Helen, how wonderful to think about these looking like paintings!!

Mildred, thank you so much! I hope your Sunday is lovely!!

Chaitra, you pass through this route on the way to Shillong. It's about 15 kms from this spot. A dam was contructed across the Umiam river for a massive hydro-electric project around the same time Meghalaya was declared a state. That was in 1972. The seepage from the dam flows into a place called Umroi....more pine trees here and beautiful scenery. happy to read this comment... especially from someone who comes from pine country! I checked out Lobolly pines and they are lovely too!

Shailaja, the casuarina does have the coniferous look. I agree about the 'stateliness' of the Khasi Pine.

Sweetbay, I can imagine how lovely your landscape must be! Randy mentioned the Lobolly Pine too. Beautiful!

Bangchik, you must have. It's Asian, after all. Some of the highland features across the continent are/must be similar.

azplantlady said...

Hello Kanak,

What great information about the Khasi Pine. We grow a pine here in the Arizona desert which we call an Afghan Pine (Pinus eldarica). It is also beautiful.

Kiki said...

What a wonderful spotlight on trees! I enjoyed that very much! It is alwasy super inttriguing to learn about different kinds of trees! Beautiful photos..wonderful job!!

lotusleaf said...

It is a beautiful tree. The scenery is also beautiful.

Kanak Hagjer said...

AZplantlady, thanks for telling me about the Afghan pine. I'll check it out.

Kiki, it was only after seeing your beautiful post on the bark of trees that I wished I'd concentrated on the pine bark too!!!

Padma...thank you so much!