Saturday, October 17, 2009

All Quiet On The Mango Front

Remember the Spotted Doves who were considering my mango tree as a
possible nesting site? Well, after I got back from my recent trip,
I went to check on them, after first checking on the Common Mormon
caterpillar. The birds were still there, and hadn't yet made a decision!

As I stood under the tree, I realized it wasn't a good time to visit!!
That innocent curiosity was no longer there and the bird was near-
aggressive. I quickly got my shots and moved away. As I did so, its mate
flapped its wings vigorously and flew around the tree. Taking the cue,
the one in the photo, just took off! And they never came back again.
Sigh! I suppose there were other factors which ruffled their feathers,
literally. There are crows in the coconut tree nearby, and an entire brood
of marsh mongoose scurry all across the compound walls and on to my
neighbour's frangipani tree, especially in the mornings and late
afternoons. There's also a neighbourhood cat prowling around at odd times
of the day and night!!. Compounded with all these disturbing sights, me
with the camera,lurking in the shadows, craning my neck for a better
shot, must've been the last straw! I can only hope that when it's time
to breed again, they'll re-consider this spot. Right now they must be
happily nesting in a safer, higher, leafier haven.

The Spotted Dove/Streptopelia chinensis is also known as the Spotted
Turtle Dove and Chinese Dove. It breeds all year round and loves to
forage on the ground--in woodland and cultivated areas. These birds
are seen in most gardens here. Last year, one pair successfully raised
their young in my shed.


lotusleaf said...

Hi Kanak! Tough luck with the birds. Hope some others would build their nest in your garden soon. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kanak, Better luck next time with the doves! At least you were able to get some great photos. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Sue Swift said...

Hope they finally decide your tree is a des res :) look forward to deeing the fledglings.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I'm sure they'll be back! It's a very interesting name - Spotted Turtle Dove.
Kanak, I want to thank you for your nice comments on my blog. I'm always glad to see you!

azplantlady said...

Hello Kanak,

I hope they come back next year. They are very beautiful.

We have a nesting pair of doves who live in my Palo Verde tree and I love watching them.

Kanak Hagjer said...

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. Thank you for leaving your comments. Hoping for the same too:) It's a good feeling to see families being raised in one's yard!

Susie said...

I think they are so pretty I hate they didn't hang around. Maybe next time.

Sue said...

Well, at least you got a good photo before they took off. Maybe they will be back.

Green thumb said...

You have caught the dove beautifully in your camera.
Here I find that the population of spotted doves has suddenly increased, while the number of pigeons and crows has gone down. God knows what the reason is but the bird is surely beautiful.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Susie/Sue...hoping for the same!!

GT, of late I haven't noticed any drastic changes. But when we first came to this area, the parrots ate up all my was a small patch but I still wanted to have home-grown corn:) That was a decade ago. Sadly, soon after that, I never saw parrots here again.

Thank you for your comment on the dove photos. And I hope your Diwali was good!

Stephanie said...

The birds look so cool! I hope they will come back to make a home at your garden soon. Are they quiet? Hope they wouldn't make a lot of noise in the early morning. Some birds over here can make a lot noise in the early morning when I am still sleeping ;-(

Kanak Hagjer said...

Steph, they make the sweetest sounds! They go coo-coo. It's music to the ears. Although they aren't nesting here, there are many of them in the neighbourhood so I get to hear their call every day!

Titania said...

The spotted turtle doves are so pretty and I love their soft calling.
So, they found the real estate around your garden not suitable for them. To many nosy neighbours! Perhaps next time. You got some good pictures of the couple.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck next time with the Doves. Great shots! :)

James Missier said...

Those turtle doves look so lovely, Hope they bring greetings of blessing and Joy for this Diwali celebration moments.

Kanak Hagjer said...

Trudi and Racquel, thank you so much! Shall pray that they finally come...and breed!

James, hi! Thank you so much for the wishes. We're still in a celebratory mood:)And with garden visitors and residents, that's how I see them blessings.

Thank you for stopping by...loved it! Have a pleasant evening.